I have been sent a PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable, simply put it is a portable TENS device to help combat pain.

I have a full size TENS machine and I have used it for many years, it doesn’t help with all of my pain but I know when it is likely to help and when it isn’t. I also have a similar pen device that contains a piezo crystal and delivers a shock when you click the button but I have never found it to be much help.

The PainXit – TENS machine is powered by a AAA battery and delivers a 1000 w at 0.4 mJ , now I know that sounds scary but believe me it isn’t.


This pulse is delivered via two metal contacts on the tip of the PainXit, these are low-frequency pulses that then activate the natural defence mechanisms within our body. The PainXit pulses delivered to the skin are transmitted via our neural pathways up into the brain and the brain then triggers the release of endorphins to help fight the pain.

Endorphins are produced by our body in response to different stimulation, this can be stress, fear, sex, exercise even eating a pepper. When they are released from the response to the PainXit this provides us with a certain amount of natural pain relief and although it won’t work on all types of pain, it is helpful in many cases.

The PainXit is operated by a red button on the end of the pen, the pen is held against the area where the pain is felt and pressing the red button starts the low-frequency pulses and you hold it there for anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes and then turn off by clicking the button again. Now I will say this, it is the equivalent of a small static shock but it isn’t painful and unlike static shocks you know this is going to happen and so you will be prepared for it, well my daughter wasn’t but I am evil and it made me laugh!

I knew this wouldn’t help with the pain I get in my legs, I tried it though. It is however helpful for the shoulder pain I get and I now use the PainXit regularly, I have also used it on a recent injury to my wrist. It is also the prefect size to fit in a pocket or a handbag so that it’s always at hand when needed. The PainXit is a great drug free alternative not just for you but also for those bumps and knocks that kids get.

These pens are also great for gnat bites, just zap the area and the itching will stop!

Drug free pain relief should always be used if possible, also please don’t dismiss the PainXit because you are on pain medication and have had pain long term. I have been in pain of some sort since 1996 and in the last 10 years it has meant I am now a wheelchair user and unable to work. Our bodies own defences are very capable and triggering this natural defence should be part of your pain plan.

The PainXit – TENS machine from designed2enable costs £39.95 and has an average product life of 2 years

PainXit can be used for various types of both acute and chronic pain e.g. arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis, muscle pain, back and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain, lumbago, sciatica, sport injuries, phantom-limb pain and chronic neuropathy.

There are areas where you can’t use the PainXit

When NOT to use PainXit?

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY –  It amazes me that this needs mentioning!
If you have a pacemaker
In the first 16 weeks of pregnancy
On and around eyes
On damp or wet skin
Close to metal implants – So I can’t use this on my left knee
Close to oxygen or flammable liquids
If you suffer from epilepsy
On open injuries or wounds
On aortic arteries, on the muscles of larynx and pharynx
On the heart
While driving any vehicle
Children under 8 years without adult supervision


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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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