Could I be looking at A pain free 2018?

Well at the moment it is amazingly looking like it.


I have been in pain for way too many years, certainly before 2008. I am on so many different medications and yes some have helped in the beginning, but of course we become tolerant to them and need higher dosages, but there is only so far you can go, or rather would want to go!

A few nights ago I woke up at about 2am, something wasn’t right, something was different and then I realised that I wasn’t in pain.

My pain levels have been anything from a 4 on a very good and very rare day up to 9 and sometimes a ten where I just don’t know what to do with myself and I only like taking so much Oramorph, as I hate that drugged sensation, that out of control like feeling.

Medipen starter kit

I was sent a Medipen to try for review and I found that it helped me deal with the pain, I felt more relaxed and better able to cope. I was also sent some Cannassential capsules and some Cannassential drops and I have been taking a Cannassential capsule everyday whilst still using the Medipen.

Cannassential capsules Cannassential capsules

Now I can see no other reason for my pain to drop off like this, I am still getting some pain, but it’s such a small amount that it is not an issue, it’s a slight discomfort and after the pain I have suffered for so many years, I am happy to have this amount of pain.

Of course I am spending most of the day wondering if this is just a blip and if at any moment the pain is going surge. I have had a couple of times in the past where for no reason the pain has gone, but this is now three days.

There is a problem and that is that once the capsules have gone, I take the last one on Wednesday and start the drops, they will last a little longer but they won’t last forever and so I am actually bloody scared about what happens then!

A return to pain won’t be pleasant, you do to some extent learn to live with pain and so a taste of what it’s like pain free or in less pain is both amazing but also a tease. It’s a bit like taking someone living rough and giving them a night in the most expensive hotel with the most expensive food. It’s nice but it makes you realise how bad the situation is to which you must return.

So why have these products worked where pharmaceutical medications haven’t?

We have something called an Endocannabinoid system , now this isn’t I must explain the same as smoking or using Cannabis, CBD and other Cannabinoids in Cannabis have a lot of amazing benefits to the human body and don’t get you high, it is the THC in Cannabis that is the psychoactive compound. The link explains it far better than I ever could.

CBD can help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce seizures and various other Neurological conditions, it as an antipsychotic, combats Anxiety, relieves nausea, lowers Diabetes incidence, helps to promote cardiovascular health and even helps to fight certain cancers by shrinking tumours and stopping it spreading.

So 2018 has been pain free so far as have the past few days and even over Christmas I felt better than I have for many years. I will continue to update on how it is going and what happens when I switch from capsules to drops. The capsules are 10mg and we managed to work out that one drop is roughly 3.3mg which is taken under the tongue.

I highly recommend the Medipen and the Cannassential products, it isn’t the latest fad, cannabinoids really do work!


Me and my big mouth! I wrote this yesterday and yesterday evening I was in bed reading a book when BANG!

It was just like someone flipping a switch, the pain just came back, burning, stabbing and it sucks.

I don’t know what is going on, I don’t know why I was pain free for about four days, but I still recommend these products, I have been using the Medipen today where as I would usually be taking Oramorph. I know which I would rather be taking and I know that the Medipen has no side effects and the Oramorph has a list of them.

Tomorrow, which is the 3rd January 2017, no 2018, I was always forget in the New Year, anyway, tomorrow I start using the drops and I will report on how I get on!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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