One of the things that bothers me about not being able to walk is not going off the smooth and level ground, I lived in the countryside as a child and would spend hours upon hours out in the fields and woods, it was pure heaven. I also lived with my grandmother for a year in North Wales and I was in love with being surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the other, I missed that when it came to coming home.

So not being able to go through the woods or on the beach, out in the fields or up hills is a real loss, I have tried going on our local woodland walk but it’s up and down and unless it’s 100% dry then it’s a no go, also after pushing for x amount of time, its down to my family to try and push me and its not easy.

However some years ago I saw on the Internet a prototype wheelchair that made all that totally possible, its called the Mountain Trike and I have followed it’s journey from prototype to now being on sale and used by many disabled offload thrill seekers.


As you can see its it’s radically different from your everyday wheelchair, it is propelled by the two levers and steering can be right or left handed and that option is chosen when you order. You can also propel and steer with just one hand and so finally you can propel and brake whilst holding something.
Because of the gearing it also takes less effort to propel, which if your like me and energy levels need looking after then that is a real bonus!
What also is appealing to me is the fact that you no longer have to worry about wet or muddy hands and best of all that horrible moment when you roll through dogs mess, still not nice but not on your hands!

Now yes this is a great chair for whizzing through the woods or going on the beach but for me it would also mean I have full access to our garden, the lawn is so soft and I have to wait to get out until the garden is baked solid by summer sun rays, I can go out when it’s soft but after pushing 90 feet to the end I’m knackered.

However after watching it’s journey and rubbing my hands together, its out of my reach at ₤4,395,00 and so I have to just look on and dribble with envy, but maybe for you it’s possible and if you want an off road chair and have the money, then look no further, buy a Mountain Trike.
Mountain Trikes are also available on 0% finance for UK customers through our friends at Choose from a number of different packages ie £879.00 followed by 23 Monthly Payments @ £99.99 Delivery, PDI and bike fitting adjustment is included in the price. See bikeSwanky for further details.

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

6 thought on “Off road dreams”
  1. Have you considered doing an online fundraiser? Here in the US they are very successful. I am going to forward this info on to a few friends.

        1. It Is amazing, I wish I had used a wheelchair sooner. I used crutches on and off for 10 ish years and I knackered my shoulders and also have carpal tunnel syndrome.

          1. I went in a chair at 42. I felt a bit more freedom when I got a chair, I got a light weight chair and it means I can spend more time out as I’m not wearing myself out on crutches and pain isn’t so bad

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