Every minute of everyday I am in pain, its a struggle mentally and physically and being comfortable is very important. We bought a new settee a few years ago and a big factor in choosing the right settee was my comfort. However for some reason we haven’t bought a new mattress, I don’t know why because even though I can get comfortable during the day, at night its a different story.

Getting in the right position and making sure I’m comfortable is difficult, two pillows under my head, I lay on my right hand side and I have a pillow under my left arm, another pillow between my knees and when I sleep on my stomach I have a pillow at the end for my feet because it hurts to straighten my legs fully. Despite this set up I have a bad nights sleep, I’m always in pain and there’s nothing I can do about that but the bed adds to the misery and I’m constantly shifting to try and get in a position that will possibly help.

Last week I trialled the N:Rem sleep system from http://www.nremsleepsystem.com/  most mattresses are somewhere between very firm and soft and we have to decide what suits us best, the problem is that what suits me might not suit my wife and vice versa, also the mattress is that level of firmness from head to toe.

The N:Rem is the solution as its made up of what they call tablets, five foam blocks for each side of the bed and these tablets are Firm, medium, soft and super soft, the blocks can be rearranged to suit.

118-smaller-600x600 mattress

The trial consists of a box (we received two) containing five tablets, one firm, one medium, one soft and two super soft. The tablets are colour coded so that you know their firmness rating.


hip-pain-setup1 lower-back-pain-setup1 upper-back-pain-setup1

Suggested set ups

1: Hip Pain

2: Lower back pain

3: Back pain

I chose medium for under my head, soft next because I have shoulder problems, then two super soft and a firm at the end of the bed, my wife chose to place her blocks the same, she is only 4′ 10″ and I am 6′ 4″ and so I lay slightly diagonally to fit in the bed. I slept well the first night, but my wife wasn’t happy with her set up and so she swapped her blocks and slept better the next night.

Usually my shoulder and hip hurts after a while and I have to try and move to a better position, shuffling about then causes more pain but on the N:Rem tablets I was able to stay in a sleeping position longer and this resulted in a good nights sleep

What you have to remember is that the trial is only on the blocks, our bed is a king size and the trial blocks were a few inches too wide and so a trial on a double bed might be difficult.

I found the N:Rem very comfortable and this was just the trial tablets, the N:Rem mattress and the comfort changer which is a mattress topper are encased in a reflex foam frame and the comfort changer has a zipped cover whilst the mattress has a memory foam topper and cover and a sprung mattress built in underneath.

If you have back or joint problems, chronic pain or a disability or illness and you are considering a new mattress or topper, have a look at the N:Rem system.


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

6 thought on “N:Rem Sleep system”
  1. Did you get to keep this? Sounds like a practical solution (the different tablets suited for different body parts / pained areas; each person has their own individual set up).

  2. I got a new mattress 18 months ago, did a lot of research, and lying down on beds for very long times in showrooms – staff thought I was a bit mad until I told them why. In the end we opted for a Silent Night 2800 pocket springs Latex topped mattress – it was the best thing we ever brought. I don’t sleep all night but I do get a better night sleep than our previous mattress. Also being Latex it does not get the heat issues like memory foam has.

  3. Sounds fantastic! My husband & I have just updated our bed frame & mattress. We invested in a split mattress from John Lewis – medium firm on my side & firm on his. I’m definitely sleeping better.

    I note that the N:Rem system has memory foam. I tried a Tempur mattress during our search which was v comfy but due to my extensive temperature changes with CRPS, we decided against memory foam.

    Good luck!

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