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Now what?

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So as I have said before, I’m a wheelchair user and I have been totally reliant on a wheelchair for about a year, before that I could manage to get about at home on crutches and use the chair when we went out and for many years before that I was on crutches.
This has resulted in damage to my shoulders, wrists and hands, the carpal tunnel is slightly problematic but I can cope with it and my shoulders flare up every now and then and now is that time. I have been told I have something called impingement and when it fully flares up its bloody painful and restricts movement of that arm.

So today I am well and truly stuck, up the Creek without a paddle and I am going to be truly reliant on my wife for help and I hate being like that. I can only speak from my perspective, but I am guessing other people with a disability are the same, I want to do as much as I can myself and so being so reliant on my wife is frustrating, not that there is anything wrong with the assistance she gives, its just that I hate being so damn useless.

At the moment I am writing this on my tablet with the dodgy shoulder (of course it had to be my right side) clamped to my side, if I move it then the pain kicks in and it really kicks in. I have yet to get out of bed and into my wheelchair and make it to the lounge, although I am now quite good at wheeling with one hand and without going round in circles, but it’s slow.

So it looks like it could be a Star Wars day!

2 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Reblogged this on FibroFlutters is a support group for people with Fibromyalgia in Sunderland that offers friendship, support & advice in NE UK. and commented:
    Disabilities – we are never alone 🙂

    When reading this it was like I was writing it in parts, the second article that has done that to me today 😮

    The frustrations that come with having disabilities can be quite stressful at times, especially if we need help from our loved ones. Being married with a multitude of disabilities, #HMS #chronicpain #fibro #CFS … my husband is my carer, so I can associate with this article very much and thought many others probably can too 🙂

    We often feel alone when the frusration kicks in at not having the same level of independence that we were used to and I think we should try to remember that we are not alone and can always talk to someone 🙂

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