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Now what have you done?

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Those are the words that my mum said as she pulled back the curtain on the cubicle in A&E, I was laid there on the trolley after being brought in by ambulance after crashing my beloved classic VW Beetle. It was past midnight and I had been driving round some country lanes and the next minute the car was rolling, the next thing I remember is someone shouting through the broken window “quick get out, its leaking petrol”, I was left stuck with my feet somehow trapped between the pedals and I must have blacked out momentarily and I was dazed, “Come on GET OUT!”

I was helped into a car that belonged to one of the people who saw the crash and I sat there trying to figure out what had happened, suddenly I heard a siren and then saw blue flashing lights and then a familiar face appeared, it was a friends dad who was a paramedic “your mum won’t be happy” he said whilst laughing and shaking his head. I was 21 but like most people I was still worried about what my mum would say, after all I know I was travelling a little too quick and was over confident in the familiar country roads.

So I’m laid there, quite battered and bruised and the curtain opens “Now what have you done?” I knew it was a rhetorical question and like all parents she quickly went from being angry to being worried and mothering me. I was okay, they were just keeping an eye on me for signs of a concussion.

I wish I could say that was my only visit to the hospital A&E department but unfortunately its one incident amongst many, I’ve been hit by a car whilst crossing the road, fallen out of trees, off a garage roof and the list goes on. I know have three large folders full of notes and I expect I’m far from done.

Two days ago I managed to injure my good knee, I’m not sure how I mange to do it because I’m not really that active but maybe when transferring from wheelchair I have twisted it and done some damage. So it looks like another visit to orthopaedics and some more notes to add to the collection, I’m hoping it doesn’t need any surgical help to recover because I have lost my nerve when it comes to surgery. I remember how I used to love the feeling of when the anaesthetist injects the white fluid that knocks you out, cold as it goes in and then that strange taste in your mouth and then………  You wake up!

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