I have just carried out a Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair after my Left Joy-Con started suffering from the dreaded stick drift.

This is where your character in the game starts walking off in a particular direction even when you are not touching the controls.

It is very frustrating, especially if you are trying to line up to carry out a task or function in the game and the fault keeps pulling you off target.

I took to Google to see what if anything could be done and saw that the Nintendo UK repair centre actually offers a free repair or replacement but this was being reported as slow and people were losing their Joy-Cons for three weeks or more.

Anyone who loves to game knows that is too big a sacrifice!

There was a way of sorting it that involved using an electrical switch and contact cleaner but it was no guarantee and this product costs over £5 for a ‘it might work’ soloution.

Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair

I then saw the above kit for sale on Amazon from priced at just £7.59 for 2 replacement joysticks and the tools to carry out the repair and so I thought for that price it was an easy decision.

Purchase this item

I ordered it at about 9pm on a Saturday and it was free delivery with Prime and it said it would be delivered on the following Tuesday.

It arrived on Monday!

Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair

The kit pictured above with my left and right Joy-Cons contains two replacement sticks, 1 x “Y” tri-wing screwdriver, 1 x “+” cross screwdriver, 1 x tweezer, 1 x pry bar, 1 x pry tool, 1 x Triangle paddle.

I have to say that the tweezers included in the kit are quite nice and you would likely pay a few quid for those on their own!

Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair

Make sure you are sat somewhere that gives good light and also where you are not going to lose any screws as they are tiny and would get lost in a carpet and be unfindable in a rug! I always use this wooden tray to store screws when I am working on things like this.

Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair

The instructions to carry out this repair are amongst the photos of the kit on Amazon but please do not remove all 4 screws from the main area of the battery tray as is shown in the instructions, only remove the 2 I have circled plus the third in an extension of the tray that is hidden by the battery in the above photo.

I will say that this is quite fiddly but very possible even if you have never carried out a repair like this before and a quick search of YouTube will result in loads of repair guides for this job.

Replacement nintendo switch joy con stick thumb stick
Nintendo Switch Joystick drift repair

I have bad eyesight and my poor health and the meds I take means my hands shake ore than a teenagers hands whilst on PornHub and I managed it.

Priced at £7.59 this is great value and the result has been very good, in fact I think that this replacement stick has a smoother and more acceptable feel than the original and has made a massive difference and will stop me shouting “F**K” every 5 minutes whilst gaming!

Make sure you do a restart of your Switch to get the new stick working properly. If you don’t you may notice a slight drift!

I will update this review once I have been using the repaired Joy-Con for a month or so.

By Zechariah Richardson

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