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5 thoughts on “Do we need to change the disability logo?

  1. I’m one of those with hidden disabilities (PsA), and I’m fine with the wheelchair sign. I have a badge, ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’, for London Transport, which works 80% of the time. I think more general awareness campaigns are needed for hidden disabilities.

  2. Point well taken…I mean should we be changing the international sign of an Airport? There are several different plans that fly into an airport, including small private plans. Should the sign be switched to show every type of plane that lands and takes off from that airport? That would be crazy! I do like the idea of adding something under the international symbol for handicap parking since I am not in a wheelchair but still need and do use it (cane). I don’t ever have anyone say anything because I do have to use a cane but I think someone who has a chronic illness and doesn’t have the luxury to just “run” into the store “real quick” can park very far. People who are not sick do not realize that extra steps equal less spoons for the day! Great article Zec!

  3. I think an easier middle ground may be to add the ‘not all disabilities are visible’ type signs below the easily recognised sign. Because then at least if some idiot is calling you out (“you’re not disabled, where’s your wheelchair?”) you can point to that sign. I feel I get a lot of stigma because I refer to myself as disabled (which I am) but I’m not in a wheelchair, and I’ve been asked for ‘proof’ by staff when I’ve asked for keys to their disabled toilets!! It’s not a huge issue, but it would be nice to feel more included and have to fight that little bit less! 🙂

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