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My wife, my world.

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Somehow I got lucky, I managed to get the most amazing woman to fall in love with me and stay in love with me for a quarter of a century

I was in my early twenties, I was a firefighter and I didn’t want a serious relationship and I was enjoying dating and just enjoying myself. Being a firefighter certainly helped when talking to women and short relationships, I wasn’t a particularly decent guy when it came to being faithful and put a halt on various relationships that could have been more serious.

That was until one young lady stopped me in my tracks, I had been dating her but also seeing someone else but then BANG, I fell in love with her. I quickly put a halt to my insensitive ways and we spent all our free time together and then three month later whilst sat talking, I heard myself say the words “will you marry me” and she said yes.

It wasn’t the most romantic proposal, after all I hadn’t planned it and the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind before then. I did the decent thing and spoke to her mum and step dad and I believe that in a conversation with my mum they agreed to not interfere and they thought it wouldn’t last as it was such a quick proposal. Twenty five years later we are still going strong and we have been married for twenty years, our daughters are 22 and 21 and we have a one year old grandson.

Somehow I got lucky, I managed to get the most amazing woman to fall in love with me and stay in love with me for a quarter of a century. I not only love her but I am still in love with her, 4′ 10″ of perfection and she is mine as I am hers. Edit: My wife is not happy because she says her height is wrong, so my apologies she is four foot ten “and a half”, my apologies!


There is no way that I could endure the pain that I suffer without her by my side, the hardest thing about being in chronic pain and knowing that there is no cure, is getting my head around the fact that this is with me for as long as I draw breath, its a horrible feeling that overwhelms me but I am prepared to live in pain because although each day is hell, I am in hell with her by my side and therefore I carry on.

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  1. Lovely story, she is a beautiful woman. It makes life so much more bearable to live through the pain when you have beautiful people in your life. By beautiful I don’t just mean looks I mean in character too. Hoping you are having a low pain day.

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