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My dog called 999 

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No seriously, My dog called 999 .

If that’s not enough of a mind blowing thing, he did it when I fell out of my wheelchair!

I was home alone, I had to phone the doctors about my test results but decided I needed to use the toilet first. Our bathroom is strangely off of our lounge and so as I was alone, I left the door open.

I got off the toilet and into my wheelchair and ‘BANG’, I tipped backwards and fell and damn it hurt. I’m laid there on the bathroom floor and just waiting a minute to let the hurt suddenly side a little and I can her a voice. I eventually put it down to the neighbours as the patio doors are open and I then get myself into my wheelchair and I guess if I’m honest, that involved some unsavoury language.

I then wheel back into the lounge and yes, I can hear a voice!

I figure out it is coming from the home phone that I left laying on the settee and I pick it up. “Hello” the reply is from a woman “Hello” she says. “Who is this?” and she tells me it’s the 999 emergency call centre and asks if I’m okay.

I tell her I am and that I had just fallen out my wheelchair and that I’m okay, she asks if I need an ambulance and I convince her that I am okay and explain that sorry I’m sounding confused, but I’m home alone and the dog was sat by the phone. I am convinced that she thought I was a nutter!

I am a little, no I am a lot freaked out.

How the hell did my dog dial 999, well to be correct he dialed 9996 but I guess I can’t complain…

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