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My daughter was in London & wasn’t answering her phone! 

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We were just about to go to sleep when my wife says there has been a terrorist attack in London and My daughter was in London & wasn’t answering her phone!

Our daughter had gone to London with friends and so my first thought is ‘is she safe’, it’s a Schrodingers cat moment where she is both safe and involved in my mind. My wife tries ringing her but no response and I use social media to send her messages.

We watched the events unfold on Sky news and we looked at maps to see where it was all happening and hoping she wasn’t there.

Finally her friend messages my wife and says she has spoken to her and they are all okay and I can then relax but I then think about all those people whose loved ones aren’t safe.

The worst thing about being a parent is when they no longer need you to be everywhere with them, when they say “I’m going to xxxx” and all you can do is say “be safe”.

I will never understand these men who attack innocent people, people who have done nothing to warrant the vicious and bloody attacks that are suddenly rained down on them.

This is not done for a God, this is not religion. It’s pure hatred and allowing other people to fill your head with ideas and then sit back back allowing them to go out and do their dirty work whilst they sit safe. This kind of sick disgusting and violent shit is far from what your religion is about, you harm those people who you think you are representing by causing more hatred and segregation.

Imagine what this world could achieve if we stopped all the hatred and worked together for each other.

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