Its been a struggle coping with CFS, Osteoarthritis and now CRPS and its been a difficult time for my wife and daughters, however the person who has struggled the most is my mum.

Being a parent myself I can understand how hard it must be to watch your child suffer in pain and especially when there is nothing that can be done, I know that I would take on all the pain rather than see my daughters go through it. I don’t tell mum everything because if she knew exactly how I felt and how much pain I go through, I know it would upset her.

I couldn’t even if tried remember all the paper or magazine clippings and Web pages and other sources of miracle cures that mum has brought to me



Heat wraps/cold wraps

Bleach stuff, I can’t remember what it exactly was but it tasted like chlorine, a small amount with water and slowly increase the strength. I tasted the first dose and decided to never try it again.

Magnets that are worn round the wrist

Epsom salts

Spiritual healing, that was weird

The list is easily double that and maybe more than triple, but I know mum buys these things because she feels helpless and so I try them. It has now become a joke in our  family and every time mum visits, I ask her what miracle cure has she got this time?

This morning mum popped in for a cup of tea and she produced from her handbag a tube of gel, she’d been in the chemists and seen an advertisement for a product called Flexiseq and had asked the pharmacist about it. I imagine that mum told her about my pain and how I’m in a wheelchair and the end result was she bought this gel.
Its meant to be a “wonder gel” and the trial has apparently produced amazing results, people with osteoarthritis who have been in extreme pain have found relief by using the gel. Now I try not to be cynical and I certainly try not to laugh but mum said I should put it on my left knee, the one that causes me most pain, she went on to explain how it is absorbed and it coats the cartilage with a lubricated layer and that’s when I laughed. I explained to mum that my left knee was the one that I had total knee replacement on and so it wouldn’t help and I don’t think she had thought that it was totally metal with a plastic/nylon runner.


Anyway I have decided to try this Flexiseq gel on my right knee, its painful and I know that the cartilage has at least torn and I don’t intend to have any more surgery. It was the right knee that was first to have problems back in about 1992 but it behaved itself for many years until my left knee became a serious problem and so all the weight was going through my right knee, so of course it then played up again.

So it’s day one of Flexiseq, the truth is I don’t believe it’s going be of any help but mum has bought it and so I will give it a go!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

5 thought on “Mum’s miracle cures”
  1. I agree – I have CFS and Psioratic arthritis and my daughter has CFS. I feel for my parents as they watch me take a battery of drugs and change into a new version of me … its hard is t it ! How to help them through the pain you feel. Good luck with the gel – always hopeful 💖

    1. I have always said that even though it’s tough being in pain, fatigued etc, its harder for loved ones to see what’s happening and unable to help.

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