One of the items in the box of goodies I was sent was the Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Grooming Spray.

I have to again mention the presentation and branding of these products, it is impressive and opening the box was a real wow!

Mr Bear Family beard care products

Over the past few years I have heard about Sea Salt sprays, but I have been very unsure about them. We are always getting adverts when we scroll through on social media about this product and that product, after all the beard and hair grooming market is massive and everyone wants a piece of it!

However, the Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Grooming Spray has been very well-received by me!

Here is what Mr Bear Family say about it;

A natural Sea Salt spray made with ingredients like Witch hazel to soothe irritated scalps, Nettle to revitalize, strengthen the hair roots and stimulate hair growth, Horsetail to prevent dandruff, soothing Aloe Vera, Sea salt for hold and texture and Rice Protein for volume. Suitable for all hair types. Silicone, sulfate and paraben free.

As I have mentioned before, I have grown my hair for the past couple of years after two decades of mainly having it at a grade one and I have been unsure how to style it.

I have been favouring a clay, it works well for me but since using the Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Grooming Spray, it is all I have been using on my hair.

I get a very dry scalp and behind my ears can get red and sore and finding products that don’t make this happen or rather finding products that help it, has been difficult.

Since using the Grooming Spray and also the Shampoo & Conditioner from Mr Bear Family, my scalp and behind my ears have been okay and that is something as it usually a prescribed cream that stops it happening.

How to use: 

Spray 3-7 times onto damp/dry hair or spray into hands, rub together and apply through hair. Add more if desired, thicker hair requires more product. Intended for use on its own or with Mr Bear Family Pomade for extra hold and definition. Style with comb, hands or blow-dry to achieve desired look.

I have curly hair and since using this product and using just a few sprays, my hair is curling up more and I am happier with that look rather than how my hair has been looking previous to using this.

However I have also been using this on my beard!

As you know it is best to apply an oil, balm or butter to your beard when your beard is damp, and so I have been using a few sprays of the Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Grooming Spray into my hand and then into my beard.

It also works well to freshen up your beard, if I have had a Zoom call or filming a review, a few sprays again worked through the beard and my beard looks tidy again.

Cracking product, and now I am concerned about running out of it!

Mr Bear Family Logo

The Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Grooming Spray comes in a 200ml alloy tin with spray top and costs 199 SEK (Swedish Króna) which is equivalent of £16.90 at time of review from the Mr Bear Family website.

You can keep up to date with Mr Bear Family on InstagramYouTube & Facebook

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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