Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm Original took me by surprise, I don’t check out a product before I test it because I don’t want to be influenced by what I read. So when I saw ‘Original’, I naturally assumed that this was an unscented balm, which is usually the case with other brands!

In fact Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm Original is a Lime, Fir Needle and Grapefruit scented balm and it smells very nice indeed. First one that hit me was that fresh Lime scent, the Grapefruit and Fir Needle sit behind and it works very well creating a very fresh smelling balm.

The balm is a blend of all natural oils and butters, beeswax and Vitamin E oil and this is what all beard care products should be like, natural and made in small batches and after testing over 150 beard care products, I have found the best products are made this way.

Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm Original has a soft consistency even in this colder weather, some balms are rock solid this time of year. It is easily melted in your palms and works into your beard very well, of course the balm is just as beneficial to the skin under your beard as it is for the beard hair. My beard was left with a slight hold and the scent lasted throughout the day, my beard was noticeably softer and looked good. An all natural beard balm will help to prevent itchy and dry skin and so it is important to work the balm in thoroughly and down onto the skin.

Contained in a 2 oz (60g) tin Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm Original costs $12.50 which is £10.17 or €12.01 (exchange rate on 2/1/17) or you can save 10% if you take the Balm on subscription and is available from the Mountaineer Brand website.

The Mountaineer Balms are also available in

Citrus & Spice – Citrus, Clove, and Spices

Coal – Sage with Hints of Peppermint and Patchouli

Pine TarDistinct Scent of Pine Tar

Timber – Cedar and Fir Needle

The Original and Timber are also available as a Heavy Duty Balm.

About Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand was started in 2013 by Eric Young. Eric personally researches and develops his product with a passion that can be seen in his work. Mountaineer Brand was born after Eric struggled to find quality beard care products at a price that he could easily work into his already tight budget. Eric began to make beard oil and balm in his kitchen thinking it would be a nice hobby and that he could supplement his meager income.

Mountaineer Brand is dedicated to simplicity and value. We use top-quality, 100% natural ingredients and we never add anything artificial–no chemicals, no fragrance, no compromise.  Our packaging is simple; we skip the decorative bottles and other unnecessary packaging, and since we don’t spend money on fancy packaging, neither do our customers. Mountaineer Brand allows you to experience a luxury product without the financial sacrifice.

Mountaineer Brand is now sold world-wide on the Internet and to retail clients in Sweden, Australia, and other locations across the globe. You can find our products on the shelves in many well-know retail locations such as Whole Foods and Dillard’s as well as several small retail and boutique locations throughout the US. Our ever-growing presence in the marketplace is a testament to the quality of our products and the loyalty of our customers.

Although we have a global presence, West Virginia is our home. Like most West Virginians, our state is a source of pride. The name “Mountaineer Brand,” of course, is a nod to the Mountain State, and  the state motto is included as part of our logo. The motto, “montani semper liberi” means “Mountaineers are Always Free”. West Virginia will always be part of who we are. Wild, Wonderful, Free.


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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