I like a scented beard oil, there are some amazing scents out there that range from spicy and woody and then some are very sweet like orange and even oils that smell like sweets (Candy). However some guys don’t want a scented product and so many brands also sell unscented oils and Mountaineer Brand ‘Barefoot’ Beard Oil is exactly that!

Beard oil isn’t just about smelling good, in fact that is the last thing it is for. Beard oil helps to nourish your beard hair, it gives it a healthy shine and will help prevent split ends, it also gives a very slight hold to the beard. Then of course we have the skin underneath our beard, itchy skin has been one of the main reasons that guys have shaved. Beard oil keeps the skin moisturised and so helps to prevent dry hair, itch and keeping the skin and hair follicles in the best possible condition will help you grow the best beard that you can.

Mountaineer Brand ‘Barefoot’ Beard Oil is a blend of Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Castor Oil.

Grapeseed Oil is quickly absorbed and it is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce acne, Sweet Almond Oil softens the hair and helps stop dry skin and Castor Oil is one of the best oils to help stop the dreaded beard itch. So as you can see, Eric the guy behind the Mountaineer Brand hasn’t just chosen any old oil for his beard oil collection, they have been carefully picked and blended to help you grow a strong and healthy beard.

The Mountaineer Brand Beard Oils feel great on your beard and gives it a healthy shine, it is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave the beard feeling greasy. My beard was left feeling a little softer, I have very wire like hair that is more akin to wire wool than beard hair.

Mountaineer Brand ‘Barefoot’ Beard Oil is also incredibly reasonably priced, the 2 fl oz (60ml) oil costs only $12.50 from their website. I know many oils that cost more than that for half the amount!

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care

Thank you to Eric for sending me the Mountaineer Brand range for review, they contained some scents that were very unique and very well thought out.

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