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Morning madness

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I have a wife, two daughters an eight month old grandson and a miniature dachshund and we all live together!

It has always been that my daughters sit on our bed in the morning and its something that I have enjoyed and yet I did think they would out grow the need to do it every morning, it appears that I was wrong. As soon as I am awake my bedroom is filled with chatter and the sounds of an eight month old boy, I love seeing him every morning and its amazing to have him living with us. However on the days when I have had a bad night and my pain is kicking the proverbial out of me it’s difficult.

I sometimes sit there dreaming of having a bedroom that is a place of tranquility and waking up without the freight train of noise attacking my foggy brain.
And as I write this my daughters and my grandson have just gone out, our bedroom is at the front of the bungalow and so I heard the front door shut and instantly the house falls into silence, the dog is asleep and my wife is occupied with today’s news on the BBC app, bliss!

But I know that I wouldn’t swap the noise for the silence because despite the endless chatter of three women and the screams of either delight or tears from my grandson, I love it. Many things have gone wrong with my journey through life but meeting the love of my life, having two daughters and becoming a grandfather is something that was so very right, without them I would be nothing.

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