So this Wednesday George Osborne will officially announce his 12 billion pounds in welfare cuts, those that are already suffering will be given another beating with the possibility of losing ₤30 a week!

What really upset me was hearing that they believe it’ll make living on welfare less appealing and so encourage people to get a job. I don’t normally swear when I blog because I don’t think it’s necessary but do these Tory fools think that I am on welfare because it’s the best fucking option?
The very last thing I want is to be financially knackered and laid on the settee all day in more pain than I wish upon these Tory pricks, i want to work, I want to be well enough to work because I hate that I can’t provide a decent home and lifestyle for my wife.

Before the election the Conservatives told the media about the planned twelve billion pounds in welfare cuts, I laughed because I seriously thought that when people heard it, they would vote for anyone except for Cameron and yet they still won the majority and it baffles me.

What people don’t realise is that this also impacts our physical health, mental stress makes my pain flare up or rather it makes me more susceptible to pain. Being in chronic pain is physically exhausting and it takes everything you have to make it through each day and so stress being added in means that we are less able to deal with the pain and I’m not talking a stumped toe or broken bone type of pain. I have CRPS and it is reported to be the most painful condition there is and it even scores higher than childbirth, its a constant pain that drains every ounce of energy and I have now been in pain for over 5 years (which is nothing compared to others).


Welfare is meant to protect those of us that need that support, its not a luxury and its not a lifestyle we choose, its meant to provide us with a security when we are unable to work, it is a support and yet we are now being attacked for being in need. Its akin to being in hospital and the hospital accountant comes round the ward accusing us of being there because it’s comfortable and warm and telling us that he’s stopping our meals to save money.

What is most upsetting is that this is not being done secretly, its on the news, its in the papers for all to see and yet people are happy to let it happen because the welfare system and those who are supported by it have been turned into social outcasts by the media and so the majority of the working population are glad to these cuts being implemented, “I don’t work to support those who can’t be bothered” they shout.
This image has been enforced by those who stand outside our job centres at 9am with a can of beer in their hand, its been bolstered by those who don’t work and yet still “somehow” afford to buy drugs and have the latest phone, its not helped by channel 5’s constant round of programmes with titles like “on benefits and proud” and this is the image of those on welfare that people have in their minds, what they don’t see are those who are at home chronically unwell and battling to get through each day.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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