I have been sent the MokerLink 5 Port Gigabit POE Switch for review and whilst I don’t (yet) have any PoE enabled devices, I can really appreciate this little device.

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So in case you don’t know what a PoE Switch is, it is an Ethernet hub that is powered and I don’t mean with a little 5v adapter. No this comes with a kettle lead and his its own built in 78w power supply that can supply each of the Ethernet ports with 30w of power!

MokerLink 5 Port Gigabit POE Switch
Switch Capability up to 12Gbps

So why would you need a PoE switch?

Some devices and this is largely IP CCTV cameras and Wireless Access Points, these are now PoE enabled and say you are running CCTV to multiple points around your property, you would normally also have to run power to them as well.

With a PoE Switch and a PoE enabled device, that power is supplied along the Ethernet cable. (It also acts as an Ethernet hub for non PoE devices)

This saves you having to worry about running power as well as the Ethernet lead to the devices and it can supply 1 Gigabit of data along 100 metres of Ethernet cable along with power.

If you need to run a cable longer than 100 metres and that is just a tad of 328 feet, well the MokerLink PoE Switch has an Extend button and sliding that across takes the range to connected devices from 100 meters to 250 meters, however this limits speed to 10 Mbp.

The MokerLink 5 Port Gigabit POE Switch has a metal case and comes supplied with brackets for mounting into a case or where ever you need it placing and is fanless so it is completely silent!

This looks and feels nice, you can tell it is well made and for the price I think this is a must have if you have or are planning to have CCTV

MokerLink also sell various models of this device that can handle up to two inputs and 24 PoE enabled ports.

It is priced at £39.99 on Amazon with Prime Free One Day Delivery

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