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Metal ducks and sunny days

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Today has been a bone warming 21°c and I have taken advantage of the nice weather and a continued period of lower (ish) pain levels, I had a push round to the chemists to pick up the remainder of my prescription which consisted of talking to a woman who had a large parrot on her shoulder as she walked down the road and being accosted by a sweet old lady who asked about our dog who was with us and then learning that her husband died in February and how she was bitten by her white deaf cat and needed hospital treatment for the bite, like most elderly people who are widowed I think she just needed the opportunity to talk to someone.

I also decided to that I would use the benefit of feeling a little more human to have a go at my favourite hobby, most people aren’t impressed when I tell them that I own an air rifle and I fully understand because there are too many irresponsible people who think that owning an airgun means they can shoot anything within range and we often hear stories of cats being shot and even people being targeted by these idiots.
I like to think I am a responsible air rifle owner, I was given my first air rifle when I was about fourteen and my mum insisted that I went to a club to learn responsible shooting.
Our garden is 100′ x 40′ and I use suitable backstops to make sure that the pellets stay within our garden, my daughter bought me a target box and targets and a metal duck shoot which supplies me with enough fun. I see no point in shooting an animal for fun and I enjoy feeding our garden birds and we have some very colourful visitors which I am trying to help through the breeding season by supplying some higher protein feed.


So today has been an enjoyable day, the shooting does make me very tired after cocking the barrel time after time, but I am so happy to have had a day where I got to do something I enjoy and I accept any payback that my body has lined up because it was worth it.

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