Pain meds are only going to help us to a certain point and our pain will fluctuate despite taking a cocktail of those prescribed meds and so we have to find ways to self help and one way is meditation.
I admit that when I was first told that meditation would help whilst on a pain management course I sighed, then when I was told we would all be having a go I nearly went home. I didn’t and soon found myself laying on the floor with some fairy like music; playing and a lavender incense wafting through the room, I actually felt far from relaxed because I felt awkward and it was not comfortable.

I did give it another go a few months later though in the comfort of my bedroom and did have a little more success but it wasn’t until I purchased a soundtrack called “Thunderstorm Out in the fields” that it finally worked and it was by mistake! I love a thunderstorm and rain and so when I saw this soundtrack I had to buy it, it was summer and very hot (well UK hot), I put in my headphones and laid on the bed listening to the track, you hear it start to rain and the rain gets heavier, a rumble of thunder in the distance, it sounds amazing as the storm gets closer and the rain gets heavier before passing by and this lasts about 30 minutes. I felt so relaxed and my pain had dropped a point or two but what amazed me was that I felt a little chilly and yet it was a hot day, my brain was so convinced that it was real!

I have since gathered a couple more meditation techniques and without a doubt they do help, a lot of people don’t like the thought of trying techniques like this because we are always fighting the “it’s all in your head” that people tell us and so some people won’t try meditation because if it works, well it must be true. Well in a way it is true, pain is centred in our brain, that is where it is felt and our brain tells us what bit should be hurting but that doesn’t mean what we feel isn’t real, its very real, however the brain is a powerful tool in the fight against pain.

Some people need a led meditation, a CD or Mp3 of music with someone talking you through it, others find gentle music is best and maybe some incense will help you to relax, sounds of nature are good for meditation be it the thunderstorm or ocean waves, bird song or a waterfall, there are literally thousands of tracks available.
I use one technique that doesn’t require music or sound or scent, its just something I have learnt and can do anywhere.
Its best seated and when you first start sit in the sun, close your eyes and feel the sun on your face, just sit quietly and soak the sun’s rays up, it doesn’t matter if it’s not quiet, dont try and block the noise out, just accept it, now imagine that from the very end of your spine at your backside that your spine extends down into the ground, that it finds earth. This may sound crazy, but it works! Now imagine that sunlight pouring in through your eyes is pure and cleansing, not difficult because sunlight does feel so good, now imagine that all the bad, the bad feelings physical and mental are seaping out through the extension of your spine with that pure sunlight filling the void, filling your whole body. You can also do this without the sunlight, but you have to then imagine the sun on your face. This is my next favourite after the thunder, it might not work for you but give it a few goes before you give up.

And remember when meditating

Make sure you are comfortable
Make sure you are warm
Make sure you won’t get disturbed
Make sure you relax, mentally and physically

Don’t be afraid to try meditation, don’t miss the opportunity to let it help with your pain, even if it doesn’t help to lower the pain it will leave you feeling calmer, relaxed, refreshed and more in control!

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “Meditation?”
  1. Great piece of writing. I use meditation a lot. Mindfulness is a great one that I use probably the most. I too have a thunderstorm disc and one of birdsong. Listening to either puts me right in the moment and focuses my mind away from all the negative feelings that creep in with having chronic pain.

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