I take a fair amount of tablets and I wear two Buprenorphine patches, I will always forget to take my meds and so I have tried multiple apps that claim to help remind you and also what type of medication and what dose but most have not been able to schedule things like my patch that is changed every four days, they can only handle daily or weekly etc.

Yesterday I was flicking through the various apps on Google play after seeing an advert for the new watches, the wearable tech and I was interested to see how this new tech could help people who are chronically unwell and or disabled and I saw the app MediSafe. I decided to install it on my tablet and see if it could help organise my meds schedule and finally it is an app that can help.

It has the usual functions of what drug, what dosage and how many but you can also choose what the tablet, patch, injectable etc looks like and what colour, you can even choose two different colours for the capsule medications, in my case Lyrica that is red and white.
You set the time for the medication to be taken, dosage, quantity and then choose how long are you taking this medication (in my case continuous), it also has the function for medication that is taken as needed.

On the home screen I have a widget that shows my medication for that day and when I touch that widget the MediSafe home screen opens and my meds are sorted into morning, afternoon, evening and night. I have two morning doses 7am and 11am and I have taken the 7pm dose but it shows that I actually took the dose at 7.06am, those meds have a tick beside them to show they have been taken.

The feature that makes this app stand out is the Med-friend setting, it allows you to add someone who reminds you to take your medication, they install the app and they can then see your meds and if they have been taken. This app also works with wearable tech and the reminder will show up on the watch, a shake of the wrist confirms that you have taken the meds.
Damn, now I want a Sony android watch!

So check out MediSafe – pill reminder and medication management. Get it now bit.ly/1kz0BpW

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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