Is it a good idea to set Medication reminders using a Smart Watch?

Ordex Pill Organiser

I take quite a lot of tablets every day, I use an Ordex Pill Organiser to sort my meds but despite doing that and also setting reminders on my phone, I still often manage to somehow forget.

So I looked into getting a cheap smart watch from one of the Chinese websites, however my wife bought one and it lasted a week!

Whilst discussing these watches on a beard group that I run, one of the guys Billy said he bought the first of the Samsung smarty watches, the Samsung SM-V700 and it had been just laying in a draw. He offered to send it to me and so I arranged a swap of some of the beard care products that I have reviewed.

Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700

Of course being one of the first of the Smart Watches, it is a little bit bulky and it doesn’t have the wide range of apps and features that these watches now have.

However it is very useful, the medication alarms set on my Android phone are shown on the watch face and I can dismiss that alarm by swiping on the alert.

It is linked to the phone via Bluetooth, this does mean that the battery will drain quicker on the phone and of course you have to be within a certain distance to maintain the link. If my phone is in the bedroom and I am in the bathroom, the link breaks!

The saying is that everyone wants a smart watch but not many need one and yes I expect that is true, however for me it is very useful and I haven’t missed taking my meds (so far).

I can also make calls from the watch, it has two mics and a speaker on the buckle of the watch, I have tried this and the call quality is excellent but again it has to be linked to a phone, it does not take a sim card like some watches now.

I think a smart watch is a great tool for spoonies and especially the newer models that also measure heart rate and blood pressure.

So yes whilst they can be quite a gimmick, I think they can serve a great purpose to people who are chronically unwell and or disabled. Being able to make a call from your wrist in case of emergency is very comforting, I manage to end up on the floor often and I think it gives me and my wife some peace of mind knowing I can call for help if I am home alone!


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

4 thought on “Medication reminders using a Smart Watch”
  1. I have my meds reminders on my telephone. I don’t wear a watch all that often nowadays. I have very large wrists and “gammon fists” so it’s not always comfortable to wear one. But my phone, that has all my music and audiobooks on it so I’m rarely without it.

  2. I fell asleep early and slept through my alarm from smart phone last night. I had 11 hours unbroken sleep!

    No, don’t feel any better for it and obviously meds wore off.

    Still think medications reminders are worth having though 😁

    Wishing you wellness

    Carole Sian aka fibrofly73

      1. Now see that should work for me too, so it’s definitely worth trying. The phone sings and then shouts the time and usually works, last night nothing woke me up LOL not even the cat much to her annoyance hehehe 😀

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