It is tradition in our family that Mum buys us all an after dinner present, they are usually something silly and fun and it started as a way to get me to help clear up after Christmas Dinner.

This year we went to Mum’s for Christmas Day, it was Me, my wife and our daughter, Richard who is, well I guess he is my step brother and his 10 year old son and Mum’s husband.

After dinner Mum handed out presents and mine was considerably larger than everyone else’s and she apologised, the ‘only child’ jokes were dusted off once more and then I realised why!

I was the sort of child who loved to take things apart, to build things and I was always tinkering with something and so Mum every birthday would try and persuade me to choose Meccano.

Of course, because Mum wanted me to have it, I never chose it despite the fact it was perfect for me and I have regretted it ever since.

Meccano 15 in 1 Off Road Rally kit

So aged 52, I open up my after dinner Christmas Dinner present and it is Meccano and I have to say that it was the best present I got!

So of course I opened it up immediately and emptied the various plastic bags of parts into the opened box. This was done whilst being mocked for doing so as they thought it would make it harder to build one of the 15 models.

I hadn’t gotten very far when I had trouble locating a piece, well two and I was desperately searching through the parts. This was blamed on my decision to empty every part into the box but I was sat at the table, I had all the bags and they were all empty and I couldn’t find them.

I slid the box over to Richard (step brother) and he went through the parts and came to the same conclusion that they were missing and I soon discovered that more parts were missing.

Not only that but I had double the amount of other parts!

I have double the amount of 90° and metal brackets and the 45° brackets are missing along with the black plastic pieces and I am sure that if I kept digging through, I would discover other missing pieces at it is one bag of parts missing.

So yes I may be 52 but within 20 minutes I was very happy and reminded of childhood and then disappointed and I am sure that this means that many other people (younger than this old boy) also had the same issue!

Luckily my sour mood was changed as the Christmas pudding had been soaked in more Brandy than was necessary and I am sure I was then over the drink drive limit from one slice of Christmas pud!

I shall now spend Boxing Day looking longingly at my box of Meccano with a heavy heart and a bitter taste of disappointment and mince pies.


I emailed Meccano and they asked me to list what parts were missing and so I had to sort through the 100’s of parts and count what I had and mark it off against the parts list at the rear of the booklet.

These are the parts missing:

  • 2 x D051
  • 1 x A105
  • 3 x A235
  • 8 x A233
  • 1 x D100
  • 2 x D018
  • 1 x A017
  • 1 x A715
  • 1 x A127

How the hell a company manages to screw up to this level is beyond me!

So had a reply (Pic below)from Spin Master UK who are the company for Meccano.

Email reply from Spin Master UK saying they are waiting for my reply, which I sent!

So despite sending them the details, someone in their post Christmas malaise hasn’t bothered to check the email I sent!

I have a feeling this is going to be very drawn out and frustrating and we will never buy our grand kids Meccano!


I finally found the code they were asking for, they hadn’t properly explained it and it turns out it is a dot etched unique code and it was sat in the middle of one of the photos on the rear of the box.

It is made of fine dots and so hard to see if you don’t know it is there.

Replacement parts being sent out!

Today 9th Jan I received a delivery from Spin Master, yes at last I can sit with my grandson and build the cars from the kit.

Meccano Space Quest

However I opened the box and it is a Space Quest Meccano set!

It is very nice of them but this does not contain those missing parts and is nothing like the item we had that was an Off Road Rally kit.

Why? How?

I just needed the missing 20+ parts from the kit we have!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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