So last October when the clocks went back I announced that I wasn’t going to shave until they went forward this year, my wife didn’t need to tell me what she thought as it was obvious by the look on her face.
Up until that point I had a goatee beard with moustache and I had been that way for about the last 15 years, I had made a few attempts to grow a full beard but itchiness and a clearly unhappy wife had sent me reaching for the razor and I sculpted back the goatee.


So I started to grow a beard, which I thought was a case of just leaving the razor alone and sure enough it got itchy, however this time instead of reaching for a razor, I reached for Google. That is when I first realised that there was a massive beard care industry and that these rugged looking guys were Grooming their beards, so I picked an oil and it was Scruff Stuff and I won’t lie, I chose that brand because the subscription has an offer where your first bottle is only £1. It turned out to be an excellent choice though, James who is the bearded guy behind the brand has a real talent for blending oils.

I had already been blogging and I had blogged quite a few product reviews for products that made disabled life easier and so I added the beard oil to the reviews. It was then that I was offered some free beard oil if I wrote a review and so of course I accepted.

Me and Oscar April 2016

It’s now nearly the end of April and the deadline for shaving has been and gone, I’m hooked, I love having a full beard.
However I have learnt that having a beard isn’t on par with a hairstyle choice or a lifestyle choice, when you have a beard people believe it’s okay to express their views truthfully. Now this happens to most bearded guys that I talk to, people think it’s okay to say things like “you look like a terrorist”, “you look homeless” and many other classic hilarious (not)comments.
I am now happy when I see myself in a mirror (crazy I know), the beard has made me take care of my appearance and its been a while since I felt that way. I used to take great care in my appearance and daily grooming but since I lost my mobility and my life to pain, I haven’t felt that way or bothered taking care of myself.
So in a way this beard has saved me, it’s saved me from an implosion caused by my current situation and the stigma of being disabled.

I have now reviewed 42 beard care products and I have a queue of oils, balms and waxes waiting to be tested and reviewed and I also have a list if over 30 companies that are sending out beard care products for review. I never could have imagined that the reviews would take off like this, it has somehow given  me a sense of purpose and helped to focus my mind on something other than the pain. I have also gotten to know a lot of fellow bearded men and created a Facebook group called ‘Guardians of the Beard’ (taken from the film Guardians of the Galaxy). I still have to be careful not to over do it, I have limited energy and includes mental energy and so I can’t spend too long blogging or on social media, I am a spoonie, which is a person living with a chronic illness, the link explains what it is and why.
The product reviews are written on here (WordPress) and they are shared on Twitter, the Facebook page, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram and I want to say a big thank you to all the companies that send me the products to review.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

14 thought on “Me, my beard and everyone’s opinion!”
    1. Thanks for that, I’m trying to lower the Pregabalin and having some Oramorph problems and this looks like a good site to have a look.

      1. yeah, that’s weird that an addict would put it all out there. I came across one site that had people who just wanted to get high off of scripts they “found” and had questions…really??? Those idiots need to be found and jailed! They are the ones that make it so hard for us (the ones who truly need it) get it. The docs are so scared to write scripts any more 🙁 I just wanted you to look at the ambien…that one person said she actually takes hers for pain. I have ambient for sleep and wanted to know if it helped with pain (that’s what led me to this site). I stopped (almost cold turkey) my pain meds of 4 years (Nucynta) because it has now begun to trigger massive migraines. I am so beside myself…it’s been a God send with the pain with very little side effects!!! But now I am unable to take…the migraines I have would put a “normal” person in the hospital. The other day I was out and go hit with one and didn’t make it home before throwing up…all the way home in the back seat of the car…it was horrible! So the choice of chronic wide spread pain, unable to do much but sit and watch TV and do a bit here and there in the house OR living in the bathroom with my head in the toilet praying to God to take me because I can’t see or talk and my head is pounding so bad I want to shoot myself, the smells of EVERYTHING comes thru and my hearing is 20 times what it is normally which makes it even worse….ummm…I think I will take door number 1. But that being said I was in such paint the other night I was twitching…my body couldn’t handle the pain level! So I reached for 1/2 a nucynta and it was magical wishing 20 minutes the pain was less but within an hour BAM! Massive migraine…so I’ve decided I will run my ass up to the hospital if I get pain so bad my body starts twitching again. What the hell did I do to myself to warrant this much pain!?!?! Some times I wish it was just over…but then I would miss my one and only son and my husband and the rest of my family and the sadness it would put on them…so I stick it out for one more day…you would think they would come up with a way to flush our system out and put all knew, clean, healthy stuff back in…lol Maybe ambien will help with your pain too…can’t hurt to try. Did you ever look into teaching Hospitals? Hope all is working out for you!

        1. Find me on Facebook zechariah Richardson or Twitter @SatonmyButt and then there is a direct message facility.
          I know how you feel when you think that death is preferable, but like you I wouldn’t because my life belongs to my wife and daughters and grandson, I haven’t been to the hospital when my pain soars because at that point even though I want something to help, the last thing I want to do is deal with doctors, if that makes sense?
          Luckily I haven’t had a migraine, that on top of everything else is cruel and I’m sorry you are dealing with that. The irritating thing I get is sensory overload, I can’t have TV on and someone talk at the same time or be in a room where there is more than one conversation, when I get that I feel like I want to scream.

  1. I was happy to read this post. I have to admit that I usually don’t read the beard themed ones because I am a woman, and I also don’t like beards at all, on anyone. Glad you’ve found a new interest, but I’ll stick to my plants and gardening 😉

    1. lol fair enough Trish. We are hoping that the weather here starts to get more spring like so we can get out in the garden. The borders have normally been sorted by now but we had snow flurries yesterday and its more like February than end of April.

      1. Yep, same here (in Yorkshire). But somehow I have to risk putting my baby tomatoes into the greenhouse next week before we go on holiday for a few days.

  2. Great article! Us chronic pain peeps need something to stay sane! I try to keep my appearance up on a daily basis but doesn’t always happen (and actually been accused of NOT being in the pain I say I’m I in because I take care of myself….ummm…really??) it IS the only thing I have left that I can do and not be in the worse pain ever! So Kudos to you keepin it “clean”!

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