I have reviewed two body worn cameras from Guardian G1, their G1 and the D5 Mini and these come with chest and shoulder harnesses and clips for mounting the camera, but I have received the Magnetic body worn camera mount from Guardian G1

klickfast dock

You can also get a clickfast stud or dock to mount your camera.

But Guardian G1 has brought out a new way of mounting your Guardian G1 body worn camera, in fact it will work with any body worn camera that has a crocodile clip attachment (up to 3cm width clip).

Magnetic body worn camera mount from Guardian G1

The mount is in two parts, an inside and an outside piece made from firm rubber that are identical and each one has three magnets.

Make sure to put them the right way around as the wrong way will mean the magnets will still stick but it will be a very weak mating.

If you have a pace maker, do not wear one of these mounts as the very strong magnets would interfere with the device!

Magnetic body worn camera mount from Guardian G1
Magnetic body camera mount

With the crocodile clip attached to your camera, separate the two pieces of the mount, open the crocodile clip and pass the rear half of the clip through the mount as shown by the arrow in the above image.

Magnetic body camera mount

Then pull the rubber piece of the mount shown above over the top of the crocodile clip to secure the camera.

If you are regularly going to use the mount, you can keep the camera mounted to the magnetic mount and just pull the front section away and then remove the inside half and stick back together.

I have used this on a number of occasions, the weather is hot and so I was wearing a Tee Shirt and I wondered if the mount would be steady enough on a flimsy garment.

It was very secure and the camera didn’t move. The mount sat against my chest and it was very comfortable.

It could also be used with the inside half of the mount in a pocket of a jacket or if you are wearing the Guardian G1 Stab Proof Vest, it would sit with the inside half inside the pouch on the vest.

The mount could also be used with just the outside half and it could be stuck to a metal panel or box or even on the side or rear of a vehicle.

The magnets have holes through the centre and so the rear half could be screwed to a wall or door and then you could attach the camera to the front half.

Now I know that isn’t what it is designed for, but the G1 and D5 body worn cameras both have motion detection and so the camera could be used as a quick and easy way of monitoring what happens in a particular area.

I have even used them as a wildlife camera!

I just like to look at a product and think how else it could be utilised.

The Magnetic body camera mount from Guardian G1 costs £34.99 and is available from eBay


Check out Guardian G1 one their website at www.guardiang1.co.uk

You can keep up to date with Guardian G1 on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

By Zechariah Richardson

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