My daughter recently got me 2 bottles of L’Oreal Men Expert Total Clean Shower Gel and one of them was their Carbon 5 in 1.

I have to admit to not having used shower gels for some time, I had gone back to using hand made soaps but not wanting to waste it, I gave it a go!

L'Oreal Men Expert Total Clean Shower Gel

I actually didn’t expect it to look like it did, it feels a bit like a slime and has that grey carbon look.

Now I expect that my ‘slime’ description may sound like it is horrible, but no, I quite like it and that slime like consistency means that it doesn’t just get washed straight off of your hands in the shower!

It makes it last, a squirt into my hands and I was able to wash my top half without having to dispense some more and it feels like a nice product.

L'Oreal Total Clean Carbon Shower 5 in 1 review

This is what L’Oreal say about it;

  • The ultimate 5 in 1 for face, body, hair, shave and moisturize
  • Your all in one solution to simplify you morning routine
  • Face, body, hair, shave and moisturize all in one
  • Feel totally clean as the carbon acts as a super-magnet

Moisturise with a ‘Z’ makes me shudder!

I have indeed used it on my hair, on my beard and of course on my body and usually I am quite fussy about what I was my beard with, I have reviewed over 600 beard care products and it has made me a tad high maintenance.

I was happy with the results. Now I am not sure about the ‘Feel totally clean as the carbon acts as a super-magnet‘ marketing bullshit but it certainly left me feeling clean and it has a very nice scent to it.

Given the slime/gel like consistency, I can see this working as a shave product, but there is no way I am testing that theory out!

Is it the best shower product I have ever used?

No it isn’t, but it certainly is very far from the worst I have used and I am very happy to continue using it.

Amazon Prime

Best of all is that it is currently only £1.49 on Amazon for 300ml and that is with Amazon Prime ‘Free Same Day Delivery’. It has previously been priced at £4.99

L'Oreal Total Clean Carbon Shower 5 in 1 review

By Zechariah Richardson

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