You don’t have to be historian to know that London has seen some of the worst of crime and criminals, but if you want to dig deeper, Gangster Tours has got you covered. was started by Jim Fletcher and they not only offer tours of London’s Crimes and criminal gangs and the places associated with them, they also (which is handy in lockdown) have a website packed with info such as the A to Z of London Crime, a Guide to London Prisons and a Guide to London Attractions (crime related).

But the website offers even more with Books, Films and Documentaries for sale in the various sections of the website.

I also have to mention that Gangster Tours also has a page on Stop Knife Crime .

Even though we have stories of London Crime that have been turned into blockbuster films, the violence of those days has nothing on the current loss of life and injury that we are seeing now.

Knife crime is out of control and it somehow needs to be stopped and so seeing stepping up to help and getting some pretty heavy criminals involved to say STOP, well it needs applauding!

A word from the founder

The idea behind the reality of the london crime website is simple. Everyone loves a good london based crime thriller, whether it’s a film or London based true crime book, or simply crime fiction that is based in london. This is how it started.
My interest in this subject stems from my dad, a fearless man who you wouldn’t mess with, but had a heart of gold. I had witnessed some of his temper, and heard of many things that I hadn’t personally witnessed. Some of the stories still ring around in my head and some still bring a smile to my face!
Sadly, I lost my dad on Christmas day 2014 after a battle with cancer. I struggled with the loss, but then I started to look deeper into one particular story, and that being the innocence of Michael Luvaglio (whom my dad knew from the early 60’s) and Dennis Stafford. My dad had always insisted that they were innocent, so I started getting further information from the case of the “Angus Sibett” murder. I was shocked by the shear amount of doubt in this case, wrote to my MP, Who kindly passed my letter to the CCRC. ‘scuse my french, but what a crock of shit! The case cannot be reviewed unless fresh evidence is provided!! (if you’re unaware of the case, this happened in January 1967.. how the hell can you provide “fresh evidence” on a case this old?). I am personally 100% convinced that these guys were innocent, but sadly, I don’t know what else I can do! (Any help or suggestions welcome!)
This had started an interest in a subject that has drawn me in, I spent hours looking for London crime films, I would look online, I would look in every shop that had a row of dvd’s, I would look in charity shops. I would get luck with the odd book or film, and my personal collection grew very quickly. I decided that the darker side of London and its crime history, plus try to capture as many books and films that are available, should all be available in one place.
It has now became a complete labour of love. London is a fantastic city, with some fantastic people. This project has introduced me to some of the best authors, actors and film-makers out there! I have got to know some of these people personally and good friendships have developed. I have the “team” now behind me, and all of these people are all very important to me and have been supportive from the very start. A huge thank you to Lewis Hastings, Donna Siggers, Micky Goldtooth, David Breakspear, Toby Sauerback, David P Perlmutter, Nathan Rivers and Roy Robson.
We have an association with the fantastic Micky Goldtooth’s “Gangstertours”, (and we have joined forces on some tours too!) and we are all striving to make this site THE place to go for crime books, films, novels, gifts, tourist attractions with a difference and more! We present you with some of the best london gangster movies, crime fiction and more. A huge thank you to all that are supporting me through this amazing journey. (you know who you are!)
Finally, I’d like to add, A huge thank you for the support and understanding from my family, the help from my mum and…Dad, this is for you. Always in my thoughts. R.I.P (Jim, founder of “

Head on over to and check out the website and hopefully soon they can start the tours again!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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