No not the song from Frozen that is driving me mad, its about a post I put on Facebookand I let it all go. I put this photo that I saw on Twitter.

I wrote this to go with it
Its so sad how someone can lie so blatantly, how someone can stand there knowing what he has said and still look pleased with himself. ‪#‎WCA‬ ‪#‎ESA‬ ‪#‎DLA‬ ‪#‎PiP‬ ‪#‎welfare‬ ‪#‎disability‬

I have posted a Cameron post before and a comment left me wondering if they were joking or not and so I left it, last night however another comment appeared and I then realised.
This is the comment, I have left the name out.
“Wrong picture, let’s have a Blair/ Brown then Millaband – but Facebook is a social media!?!”
I then realised that for some reason they didn’t realise what this government has done to disability benefits, somehow they think labour is to blame. I’m not just picking on Cameron because I can’t stand him (I can’t bethe way), I’m doing this because of the WCA problems, because of the loss of DLA and the problems with PiP.
So normally on Facebook because these are people who I grew up with, people who are family etc, I don’t go full rant because I know I’m judged for being disabled and on welfare. I keep quiet about these things because I hate that judgement, I’m not strong enough mentally to handle all that finger pointing.
But last night I replied with this and it just flowed, it all came out and I could have kept going.
Its hard to explain Tony, when your world falls apart and literally every second of every day you are in so much pain, pain that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, you are vulnerable and yet the system that is meant to be there to protect us has been kicked to shit by these selfish money grabbing posh schoolboys who have no care, no concern that sick and disabled people are being let down by a work capability assessments that isn’t fair, that they have scrapped Disability living allowance for this new pip that people aren’t getting despite being severely disabled. That thousands have taken their lives after being left without any money at all. This is all happening because people who are secure, people who have good health don’t give a toss and yet in a split second their lives could be broken, shattered by illness and disability and then they too would be here where I am.
I don’t even trust labour, I’m not just having a pop because it’s the tories, I’m having a pop because it’s so fucking wrong, because it’s scary and when you feel like you have been kicked to bits, you are more scared, vulnerable and worried all of the time, if I lose my disability benefits then I’m homeless, why? Because our rent is topped up by my DLA, my council tax is topped up using it because it’s all capped now but I can’t rent anywhere that is wheelchair friendly (not that this is 100% accessible) for a price that the HB will pay.
Life is shit for me, pain has ground me down over the years and I’m on the verge of just giving in, I wake up and lay on the settee in pain, I stuff my face with meds and then when it’s time I go to bed and start all over again. Yet I have to listen to the “on benefits and getting paid a fortune” crap that is spouted by the media and people that believe it. I go out and as I cross the road I’m verbally abused for being disabled, I’m assessed for work capability and oh guess what? I’m okay, I score not one bloody point, how the hell is that in any way fair, that is the product of Cameron and his mates, a man who claimed DLA for his disabled child despite the fact he is loaded because his dad didn’t pay taxes on his millions.
Yes this is a rant but I have been bottling this shit up for years.

Was I wrong to reply like that?
For me what made it that little bit worse is that this wasn’t a posh private school boy, its the son of a firefighter, his sister went into nursing. That is what shocks me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry with him, I’ve known him for about 40 years and he is a nice man.

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

5 thought on “Let it go!”
  1. Bravo Sir, it had to be said! I’m not a FB fan either.

    I only joined as I thought it would help my art business but because of their tinkering, my posts only reach 25% of my followers. I’m not in a position to pay for ads. I have to use my DLA to fund my business & household bills.

    Twitter is the way forward!

  2. You were absolutely NOT wrong to reply with that – it’s a great response. It’s unfortunate there are so many people that do judge us for being on benefits, having no idea whatsoever what it’s like to live in our shoes… Hats off to you for expressing this on your Facebook – that takes guts – I de-activated my account due to being unable to express myself properly knowing what judgements from people I know would come my way…

        1. I’m on there @satonmybutt I chat with people who are also in pain and its good to have them to talk to, people who really understand what it’s like.

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