I had some money in PayPal from my birthday and so I decided to purchase from Garden Wildlife Direct, they are a great online company that supplies bird seed, bird feeders and much more and are very cheap for the bird food.

Garden Wildlife Direct

I am laid up a lot due to high pain levels and so I enjoy watching the birds that visit the food I put out and we have two squirrels that visit and so I bought a feeder just for them!

This was a free delivery as Garden Wildlife Direct offer free delivery on orders over £25 and also 12.5kg seed bags.

On Thursday I received an email from UK Mail who are part of DHL

UK Mail delivery

I had planned to get in the garden as there was some small jobs that needed doing and my pain levels were fairly okay. So it was handy knowing when the delivery was arriving as for me to get my wheelchair up onto the deck, bum up the steps and get in my wheelchair and to the door, takes so long that the driver wouldn’t wait and so I planned to go out after it was delivered!

At 13.15 I checked the tracking and it said he was on drop 7 and I was drop 42!

I contacted UK Mail via Twitter to ask what was going on

UK Mail

UK Mail

UK Mail

So my delivery turned up at gone 7pm, even though I wasn’t impressed I didn’t moan to the driver as the poor guy look so tired. I did though comment on the damaged box and his reply was “yea” and I replied “Well it’s been a long day for it!”

Now the photos below will show you the damaged box and this had also resulted in damage to the bags of Millet inside, 4kg of Millet that left a trail from the front door and into the lounge and then spilt out there!

Inside the box you can see that the Millet was damaged and I expect was in  the back of his van and a trail to the front door, but that will make the pigeons happy!

No I appreciate that we all have an offday and even the best of companies will have problems but if you look at the UK Mail Twitter feed you will see that they are having a lot of issues and this is unfair on the companies that choose to use UK Mail.

Garden Wildlife Direct is a very good company and their business could be negatively impacted by this shoddy service!

My Tweet was replied to by Emma who runs Pacific Curd Photography, she has been massively let down by UK Mail and this is not bird seed but an order worth over £1100! I asked if I could include her problems in this post, her story shows that UK Mail are getting wrong again and again and again!

Emma still as I am writing this not received her delivery despite more promises from UK Mail


If a customer had been let down this many times for such an important delivery, you as a company would bend over backwards to make sure it got to them, as a manager I would make sure my driver made it a priority!

Unfortunately UK Mail don’t seem to be taking this seriously and Emma is still having problems.

If you own a company and use couriers, look into them and make sure they are reliable as your company will also be included in the backlash from this companies constant screw ups!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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