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I have been very undecided about who to vote for in the general election.

My dilemma has been whether to vote for someone who I truly believe in and that’s even if that person/party doesn’t stand a chance of winning the election or do I vote Labour because it’s the only party that can stop the tories getting back in.
I have decided that it’ll be labour that gets my vote because of that very reason, its important that Cameron and his chums don’t get back in because of what they’ve done to the disabled community.

A short blog post and maybe no one will actually care who I vote for, I’m not even sure if Labour care about the disabled community and the welfare system that is supposed to protect them. However can we risk the tories and their planned next round of welfare cuts being part of our future?
The fact is that disabled people do have a voice and I firmly believe that we should make that voice heard and make sure that the Conservatives can do no further harm to us, to the benefits that support us and the NHS that treats us!

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