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I’m sorry, I’m trying.

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I had an honest chat with my wife last night, somethings I keep to myself because I love her so much but last night I was honest!

I’m not a superhero, I’m not inspirational or a role model, I’m just trying to survive each day and that is my main goal. I have often laid awake at night and thought enough is enough, I can’t carry on like this but I do because I love my wife and daughters and now I have a grandson and I couldn’t hurt them like that. The problem is that I know that as I get older it’s going to get harder and I don’t know how much “harder” I can take.

Its difficult to say, it’s hard to admit, but eventually I won’t be able to carry on!

1 thought on “I’m sorry, I’m trying.

  1. I’m totally with you here. This journey is harder than I could have ever possibly imagined and I worry for the future… We will find the strength to carry on…

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