I have missed seeing a dentist for many years, the planning simple truth is that I was scared and so I kept on putting it off.
I made an appointment about a year ago at a local surgery but I avoided going at the last minute and I didn’t go back.
That was until recently when I got a toothache and so I was forced to make an appointment at a local dentists, I was scared but I knew I had no choice and when the pain became worse I made an emergency appointment.

First off the reception area was spacious and light and fully accessible, then when I was called into the dentists room my fear was eased by the most amazing dentist. I couldn’t believe how at ease I felt and my return visit for my check up was a breeze and I began to wonder why spent so long avoiding going. Obviously he found some teeth that need to be pulled and a couple of fillings that need doing but I didn’t care, I trusted him fully.

A couple of weeks ago had an appointment to have some work done, but when my pain levels that day were sky high and so my wife phoned to reschedule but the receptionist said she couldn’t access the system and would ring back.
I have been meaning to phone but my memory isn’t the best, last night however I remembered and so I set a reminder in my tablet and today I made the call. So imagine my shock when the receptionist said that I had failed to turn up twice and so I was blocked and couldn’t be seen again. I explained that my wife had called and that I hadn’t just failed to attend and that we didn’t get the return call as promised but she was adamant and said I was blocked, she loved that word and wielded it like a sword.

How do I deal with this?
The receptionist has no log saying my wife called and so its our word against theirs, I have explained that I have chronic pain and so I can’t tell if I’m going to be okay on a particular date and I have explained about my fear of visiting the dentist but this guy puts me at ease.

So she has said that she will talk to the dentist and get back to me!

I just hate the injustice of it, we had the decency to inform them that I couldn’t attend but that’s no good if the receptionist screws up and either can’t remember or won’t admit to the mistake. I guess I wouldnt so annoyed about it if it wasn’t just the latest in a string of incidents where I get shafted even though I am in the right, so in case it isn’t obvious…… I’m seriously pee’d off!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

One thought on “I’m blocked from the dentists?”
  1. You should insist that you want to speak to the dentist himself you may get somewhere then and keep insisting that your wife rang but the computer was down. Don’t give up x

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