Being a wheelchair user I get used to navigating the everyday obstacles that make life a bit more difficult, today it went wrong and I thought it was an ambulance moment!.

It’s probably the fact that I am too used to it that sometimes I don’t pay attention and it goes wrong. Last week I had to go for a blood test, our front door step is seven inches high and whilst that’s not a massive step, it is inconvenient.

I handle this by going out backwards, the way you keep from tipping out backwards is by leaning forward and I have always managed this without a problem. This time I am not sure what went wrong, I did tip backwards and I hit hard.

I managed to hit my elbow but the biggest problem was my chest, I hit my back so hard that the impact hurt my chest. My wife came running out and asked if I was okay, the answer was “no, I’m not okay”, I was hurting and I thought it was an ambulance moment!

The guy that lives opposite must have seen it happen and called over to see if I was okay, I said I was but I was still on the floor, I think it’s embarrassment that stops us from accepting help. I knew I had to get up, it was that or the ambulance option and so after some manoeuvring I was in my wheelchair again.

I got into the car as I needed to have this blood test, I haven’t been feeling well and I needed to know if a blood test would give an answer. However upon arrival with my wife pushing my wheelchair as I was in so much pain, it turned out I was a week early. Luckily the phlebotomist still took my blood as she knew what had happened trying to get there.

One outcome of this was that I felt quite vulnerable, if I had needed an ambulance I know that often they take a very long time now due to cuts, an increasing population and people calling for an ambulance when they shouldn’t. Then the hospitals are struggling to cope with budget cuts, more and more people needing their services and bed blocking. I no longer feel secure knowing that if needed, the NHS is there to help, because that is often not the case.

Over the past few years I have chosen to not get treatment when I should, last week I didn’t need help as it I am just bruised. However there have been times when I should have or needed to but just carried on.

Do you feel uneasy with the current state of the NHS?

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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