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I lost my bee colony

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Yes unfortunately I lost my bee colony!

Now of course I don’t mean that I have misplaced them, they have died.

I saw them flying when we had those sunny days after the snow and I was a happy chappy, there were bees flying outside the entrance and I thought we were okay.

Then came that really wet, windy and cold patch that lasted almost two weeks and after that, nothing. I couldn’t get up to the hive as the ground was very wet and muddy and so I kept looking out through binoculars, but I didn’t spot a single bee!

Anyway on Friday I finally got up to the hive and my wife took all the kit I needed up there for me and I opened up the hive and yep, dead bees.

I thought maybe they have starved, I was convinced that I had messed up.

But no!

There was still a lot and I mean a lot, of honey in the hive. They had consumed quite a bit but there is no way that they starved and so I went into panic mode convinced that someone had sprayed them with bug spray.

It wasn’t that. There was no sign of any sealed brood and so it seems that I may have lost the queen or the queen failed and so that was the end of my colony.

So I removed all the honey, I gave the hive a good clean and took out any comb that was wonky or crossing two bars and put some lemongrass oil in and closed back up.

Hopefully I get a scout spot it and then get a swarm, if not this year well then we will have to see what 2022 brings!

I will still be shooting some videos as I have the beekeeping gear that I purchased from Simon the Beekeeper that I want to review as I have been so happy with my purchases!

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