I was sat in bed this morning and my daughter was sat on the end of the bed chatting to me, we live in a bungalow and our bedroom is at the front of the property and so we can see people walking past. My daughter suddenly jumped up and was asking “did you see that?”
Apparently someone walking their dog had dropped a bag of their dogs faeces over our front wall and into a flower pot in our garden, I got into my wheelchair and went to the front door and shouted after the guy but got no response, I wasn’t dressed and so I couldn’t go after him and I was furious, then my daughters boyfriend picked up the bag and chased after the dog walker. His excuse when handed back the bag of poo was that he thought it was a bin, however he then dropped the bag on the path and walked away!

Dog mess being left on the footpath is something that infuriates me, it’s a big problem round where I live and if you think stepping in the stuff is bad, try rolling over it in a manually propelled wheelchair and getting on your hands, it has happened to me and its not nice as you can imagine. Its a lazy, thoughtless and disgusting thing to do, if you have a dog and it poops on the path (sidewalk for those in USA), pick it up in a bag, it takes seconds.
What really puzzles me is that the problem we have here is people picking up after their dogs and then throwing the bag on the path, why? Why do that, is it so that they look like they are doing the right thing and then drop it when out of sight? So we have had it thrown in our garden, it is left on the path and I have even seen bags of it thrown up into trees!

So when I do venture outside its a minefield, I have to weave my wheelchair through the mess and its not only individual mess, its mess that has been squashed and smeared, I’m sorry for putting you off what you arresting but it’s a huge problem. I haven’t ventured abroad much, but I have heard from people that other European countries have streets that are so clean, no litter, no dog mess and no chewing gum on the floor. Why don’t people have pride in the area where they live or respect for an area if they don’t live there.

Until next time!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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