So I have just got have home after my first dentist appointment in over ten years, maybe fifteen.

Now before all of you American people nod your head in agreement because all of us British people have bad teeth, its not because I am British and just can’t be bothered, in fact why do Americans think the British have bad teeth?

Anyway I digress, I haven’t been to see a dentist for bla bla bla, I’ve said all that. I suffer from anxiety and visiting the dentist is high in the list of things that turn me into a mess, so my teeth aren’t great. My front teeth are okay and I can still smile without worrying, its my molars that have suffered and I have cavities and last week I ended up with a toothache from hell.

With my arm twisted behind my back and my wife’s knee pressed into my back (not really), I made the call to our local dental surgery and they gave me an emergency appointment for today and so this morning I woke up with enough adrenaline to get me to run a marathon (again, not really) and I was focused on 2.30 being the time of absolute fear and so at midday when my wife told me it was actually at 1.30, full anxiety kicked in.

Now for some reason the pain subsided yesterday but I still went and I was convinced that the tooth would need to be pulled. The dentist surgery is fairly new and so the bright, spacious waiting room helped and also it’s nice to attend somewhere that has proper wheelchair access.
Finally my name was called and I reluctantly wheeled into the treatment room and I informed the dentist that I have CRPS and what that means and he was amazing. I have been given a temporary filling until I see them later on in the month for a proper check up and x-rays and I think that my fear of the dentists has been beaten.

I’m now resting up, all the anxiety and the visit has left me fatigued and so I intend on just resting for the rest of the day.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “I did it, but no brave boy sticker!”
  1. I’m the same as you absolutely terrified but I do go every 6 months. Good for you you should be very proud of yourself, and it wasn’t such a bad experience was it, just focus on that for next time x

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