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I can do that!

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I have been thinking about changing GP’s (family doctor), we moved a couple of years ago but so far we have stayed with our old GP and whilst I don’t actually see them often for an appointment, I do get regular repeat prescriptions. Now its not that its that far but where we used to live is a traffic nightmare, it only takes one car to cause miles of traffic.

So I looked up the local GP’s and the one I like is exactly 0.6 miles away, Friday was a lovely sunny day and so I asked my wife if she fancied having a walk to check it out and get all the forms to register?

You see my brain sits there in total ignorance of what my body is going through!

Lets go here!

Lets go there!

You can manage that!

And like a loyal slightly dopey friend, my body agrees.

My daughter agreed to come along as well and so my grandson was loaded into his buggy, I got into real people clothes and put on my trainers which still look brand new because they have never been walked in and off we went.

I made it to the end of our road before the fatigue was felt and my muscles started to hurt, I should be proud but its only about 100 metres. However I am so bad at listening to my body and so I just keep pushing, but it was so nice to actually be out and my grandson was looking at me with a confused expression, after all he had never actually seen me outside because he is only 7 months old! I have been out in that time for doctors appointments but we have never pushed along side by side!

Its uphill for about two thirds of the way and then it flattens out, I soon get into the rhythm of pushing and my chair is a dream to push but its not until spring that I emerge and finally get back out. Idle chit chat about nice houses and front gardens keeps me going and before I know it, I’m at the doctors.

I can easily over do it, not that a 1.2 mile push is far but until I get back out regularly and get used to pushing again, its a distance that makes me feel unwell. I don’t know how other people feel but I am capable of pushing my body way too far and it handles it (up to a certain point), its only when I stop that I then realise it was too much and I feel like crap and that was Friday, its now Sunday and I am still paying the price for that outing!

My hands are stiff, my shoulders hurt like crazy and the thing that most people who don’t use a wheelchair wont realise is that my legs and hips hurt, yep my legs and hips hurt and yet I was sat down! As I push and especially uphill, I move my upper half forward to get more power and just like when I am in a car and my wife brakes, I feel it through my knees and oh wow do I feel it today. I woke up at ????, all I know is it was still dark and I was in so much pain and I was trying to find the Oramorph in the dark, once I have found it the process is easy because a Calpol stopper fits perfectly and the syringe is easy to use.

So today I am making no sense when I speak, I am in full on brainfog mode and this blog post is taking forever to write as I struggle to find the right words. Hopefully resting up will allow me to get out again soon, spring is here and my winter hibernation seemed to last forever and so I am determined to make the most of this weather no matter what the cost!

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