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I appeared on The Grumpy Dads Podcast

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Yes yours truly has appeared on The Grumpy Dads Podcast.

The chat with Chris & Duncan took place via Zoom and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them.

Beards, Sex toy reviews, Vaccines and Bee’s!

The Grumpy Dads Podcast
Screenshot from the episode with The Grumpy Dad’s

Now the embed as shown below says that this video is ‘Age Restricted’ and for those of you who know me, that will be no surprise!

The chat went from talking about the Pfizer Vaccine, to my reviews and some of the products I have received including sex toys and I even told a story from my days as a Pastoral Assistant.

You can keep up to date with the guys on Twitter @pdadaduk and @TheRealGrumpDad or follow the official account The Grumpy Dads.

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