We live in a bungalow, its private rented and we have lived here for about four years, its okay but we have battled with mould and its been horrible. Of course we had a word with the landlord but he said that we have too much furniture (we don’t) and he has already installed an air circulation device in the loft.

For two winters my wife was cleaning walls weekly, the outside walls (not actually outside) were a nightmare but the worst places were the bathroom and my daughters bedroom. The bungalow is built with a single exterior wall rather that two walls with an air gap in between and apparently that makes things worse, we have no choice but to live with it because we struggled to get this place, renting for people who are reliant on benefits is a nightmare and we also need a bungalow as I’m disabled.


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My wife uses Bleach in warm water to clean off the mould and we even bought a special paint that is meant to stop mould for the bathroom, it didn’t! We searched for tips on the Internet and yet nothing seemed to work, we had windows open during the day, the front door has a gap at the bottom that you can slide letters under and the device in the loft pumps air from the loft through a vent in the hall and it’s preheated in the winter.

Last year my wife said that she was considering leaving the heating on 24/7 through autumn/winter, she asked me to go on the Internet and see how cost effective this was. I found posts from a lot of people saying that it actually didn’t work out to be much more money and some thought that they were paying about the same. The theory is that by letting the house cool down overnight, it takes more to heat the property back to a comfortable temperature, but also it helps prevent mould!

Mould forms on the walls from condensation, the walls become warm when we have our heating on and then we it goes off, the air gets colder and it cannot hold all the moisture and tiny drops of water appear, this builds up on the warmed walls.

This year we have had the heating on constantly, we don’t have a thermostat and so we just keep the heating dial on the boiler on the lowest setting. If you have a thermostat you could turn it up high and then on the boiler select the lowest temperature. During the day my wife opens a few windows to make sure that we get a good circulation of air.

This year my wife has cleaned the bathroom twice, there is a small build up in a couple of places but it’s 95% better than it has been in previous years. Its been a relief because the mould not only requires a lot of work to keep it away, but it also makes you feel horrible living in a property like that and its also very bad for your health.

So if you are battling with condensation mould, its worth keeping your heating on 24/7 on low, our bills have risen very slightly but not enough to cause any problems and we probably would have spent that on cleaning products and lost items that have gotten mould on them.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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