How many countries?

I was on WordPress yesterday and noticed  that I have reached 25 countries, this only equates to 10% of the countries in the world but still I was quite amazed by some of the countries where my blog has been read. I then started how many countries it is possible to reach?


I know the government’s of some countries aren’t fans of free speech and then there are the countries where internet access isn’t available or at least I guess that’s the case, does every country have Internet access? So I found myself not concerned about the amount of visitors to my blog but where they are from and so I tweeted @SatonmyButt: Please help, I’m trying to get my blog seen in as many countries as possible. Please RT #blog #disability

It didn’t work! I had hoped that a few retweets to followers would result in some of their followers retweeting it, I guess I had a little too much faith in twitter but I’m not going to give in!

So any ideas on how to accomplish this? I know it sounds a bit daft but I have a lot of time to fill and very little to fill that time and this is just a little something to amuse me.

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