Since the last general election we have moved home and moved to a new area, this means that I have never seen any of the people who will want my vote, it also means that I have no idea where the polling station will be and if it’s accessible.

I’m hoping to get some knocks on the door from the various parties because I have a lot of questions to ask. Around the time of the last general election our landlord had announced that he was selling the property we were living in, our rent was high and being topped up by my DLA and we couldn’t survive like that and the landlord wasnt going to lower the rent and he wanted to sell rather than rent it again, despite a lot of effort my wife couldn’t find us somewhere else to live because it needed to be accessible, they needed to accept housing benefit and many don’t and because we have a little miniature dachshund cross we needed them to accept pets. So we were afraid that we would be made homeless.

I mentioned this to the conservative guy a councillor James Cottis when he knocked on our door, he said he would look into it and get back to us and indeed he did and he came round with James Duddridge MP. I was impressed, someone actually cared but then he came up with the solution, he could get me a place in sheltered accommodation! Yep a husband, wife, two daughters and a dog in sheltered accommodation, I was shocked that they couldn’t see the problem with this but they said that they would return after the election, after all it was very close and they were very busy.

I never saw them again!

We did find a place to live, its a different town and so as I said before I have no idea if I will actually be able able to get to a booth because of accessibility. I expect that over the next week or two we will get leaflets through our door and I will then know who is who, I do know that my area is St Lukes ward and its neither Tory or labour, independents hold this area and I’m not surprised. Our last area was Clearly Tory but here there are more council estates and its not so affluent.
Being disabled and reliant on benefits I have some obvious questions that I want to put to any political door knockers, the question is will they actually have a proper answer or will I be fobbed off again. I have never before been so concerned, actually I’m scared because the cuts that have already happened and the cuts proposed by Cameron and his gang that have just been leaked could mean that we will be unable to keep renting this property, capped rents mean that my rent is topped up with my disability living allowance and if like many others I don’t get PiP? Well I hate to think about what will happen, I’m honestly scared.
I have also checked out our MP James Duddridge and how he has voted on welfare.
Its incredible how someone can say one thing and then do something else!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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