Well it’s no secret that I loathe the Conservative party, I expect that the vast majority of disabled people have the same view, after all if you attack a system that a group of people rely on, you’re not going to gain their votes.


Yesterday (6th May 16) the local elections took place, I live in a ward that is usually won by the Independent Party and yesterday was no exception. Now I understand that it must be very hard to fight for a ward when the majority are for one party, but fight you must.
However the Labour Party consider St Lukes Ward “an unwinnable ward” and so they don’t put that much effort into helping their candidate, this year the candidate was my wife, but I’m not writing this because of her, I’m writing this because through her I have found out that this happens!

When you look at the map of the Southend Borough Councils wards, they don’t look that large but St Lukes is actually made up 4500 properties and that is a lot of pounding the streets to get to post the quarterly newsletters and then the election leaflets, then on Election day the candidate is back out there knocking on doors and meeting people outside of the polling stations.


Now this task is daunting enough but imagine joining a party and committing to become a candidate for your ward or any ward, you would hope that the people at your local party headquarters would be there to support you and help you to get as many votes as possible, that’s how I thought it was.

However what actually happens is that you are told that you’re not likely to win as it’s a “xxxxxxxx party” stronghold and that they focus their campaign on those wards that they know they can win.

However you can see that my wife, Donna Richardson did in fact bump labour up in the overall positions, compared to last year, could this have been improved with proper backing and commitment from the local Labour Party?

St Luke’s Ward 2016

Turnout: 28.33%

Candidate First Name Candidate Surname Party Number of Votes Elected
Brian Ayling IND 838 x
Tomasz Lachowicz LIB DEM 31  
Jason Pilley GREEN 104  
Donna Richardson LAB 473  
David Stansfield UKIP 352  
Del Thomas CON 464

St Luke’s Ward 2015

Total Votes: 4,708   Turnout: 58.69%

Candidate First Name Candidate Surname Party Elected Number of Votes
ABC       119
Nora Goodman LIB DEM   139 
Val Jarvis CON   979
Stephen Jordan GREEN   227
Jes Phillips LAB   817
Paul Van Looy  IND  X 1,531
Roger Weaver  UKIP    880


Is this the way that Jeremy Corbyn thinks that they can beat the Conservatives? Labour are the next biggest party to the Tories and they are the people that we hope will one-day unseat them, but instead we hear about a party that is split over Jeremy Corbyn being leader and infighting over antisemitism.


We don’t always agree with who has taken the leaders role but as a party you would hope that Labour wouldn’t tear itself apart over it, I myself am very undecided about Corbyn but he is the leader and so I believe he should get the support of his party or at least keep the views and comments behind closed doors. I fully respect those that don’t agree with him being leader but squabbling like this is so damaging and they would be less harmful if they just got their coat and buggered off.

Being disabled has tested me and at times broken me, losing your life as you knew it is heartbreaking and living in pain is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. Cameron and his chums have destroyed the lives of thousands of disabled people who were already fighting to try to live a normal life, they have made being disabled so much harder than it already was and many are now housebound after DLA was scrapped and they failed to get a PiP award and this meant that they lost their Motability vehicle.

So at this point in time I am convinced that the Conservatives are likely to maintain control, I wish it wasn’t that way but with Labour fighting itself and failing to put 100% into every ward, the Lib Dems destroyed themselves after looking like they were getting stronger and stronger, the Greens won’t ever get enough seats to challenge anyone. However the worrying thing is that UKIP are gaining popularity, the mass migration into Europe has sent many people towards UKIP’s way of thinking and the EU vote could gain them even more followers. Jeremy Corbyn has now decided to back the campaign to stay in Europe and that again is very harmful to a party that now seem almost as Conservative as the Conservatives, well that’s how it looks to me.

We can lay the blame on these parties and its only right we should but with an overall turn out of 30.88%, we have allowed this to happen. It’s no use moaning about who gained a seat at the council if you didn’t bother to vote!



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “How hard does Labour try to win?”
  1. Dear friend, Jeremy Corbyn is steering the Labour Party steadily left away from the Tories, whose laps they have been practically sitting in since Blair. That is what those complaining MPs are moaning about, they liked being over there with the Tories and want to go back, some CPLs are the same. This is not what the members, including you by the sound of it, want . We would all, well the majority anyway, like it if they would keep quiet or go away.
    Well done for your efforts to you and your wife, solidarity.

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