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Here goes!

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Okay Here goes! An attempt to blog.

I’m currently sat on my butt (reason for my name choice for my blog site), its nothing new but I guess its nothing new for most people. However I am forever in that position because of my disability.
Here goes!

I have had osteoarthritis for over twenty years but I was doing really well until I had a procedure called an ostechondrital graft, I didn’t realise how big the surgery was and I spent 2 months in a splint, one month of which was non weight bearing but I pushed hard to recover and before I knew it I was off the crutches. That is when I thought all was well, however poor health and safety and poor planning at my place of work undid the surgery and more.
I ended up with a knee replacement, its not what I wanted, I did ask for an amputation because I knew that at my age a replacement joint last past ten years and I would then have a replacement replacement and ten years later an amputation. The doc was horrified that I would ask for an amputation and I eventually had the replacement surgery. I thought the surgery was the right choice because I managed to get the leg bending soon after but unfortunately the pain didn’t get better, in fact it became unbearable.

So here I am five years later and still in pain, because of that my hips have now gone and so has my other knee, in fact I’m in pain from the waist down, I am very thankful that my man bits do not hurt. I get out of bed at about 11am because the nights are bad and go into the lounge and sit on the settee and there I stay until 10pm. Its difficult to mentally cope with pain 24/7, its difficult to be stuck here whilst all around life carries on and its difficult because I feel like I have let the family down.

So I shall eat some of the time up blogging, I have a dry sense of humour, I love a good moan and so hopefully I can put that to good use.

Until next time!


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