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How to be a Healthy Man in 5 Effective Steps

While a lot of people like to blame health issues on external factors, in reality, everyone is in charge of their own health. Sure, there are some genetic disorders you can do nothing about, but when it comes to your health in general, the lifestyle you lead will always have the final say. With this in mind, here are five effective steps that will make you healthier overall.

Eat and drink better

First things first, most of the food and beverages that people consume, consist of toxins and substances which can potentially impair your metabolism. Sugar, trans-fats, industrial seed oils and refined wheat can have a negative effect on your body and are widely used in a great amount of meals you may consume every day. They’re especially abundant in fast-food dishes, which makes them available to many people all over the world. All in all, there’s even an estimate that these four foods alone kill over 15 million people on the annual basis.

Start exercising

Chess legend Bobby Fischer used to run for miles and miles each day. When asked about this by a curious journalist, he answered that the first time he felt back pain during the game, he was bound to lose even to an inferior opponent. Exercising and taking care of your body does more than just make you look good in your bathing suit. It is there to boost the state of both your mind and body. As Ancient Romans used to say: “a sound mind in a sound body.”

Examine your eyes regularly

While poor vision is not an affliction that can put your life in danger, it is definitely something that can seriously lower your overall lifestyle quality. Add to this a fact that if not tended to properly, your vision tends to get worse over the course of time. Because of this, all those who experience vision problems should examine their eyes regularly in order to be able to act before it gets worse. You might also want to find a nearby optical store, seeing how you may be forced to change your lenses more than once.

Take care of your teeth

Another thing you need to address is your dental health. First of all, you need to properly take care of your oral hygiene. Get a quality brush and toothpaste and check out a tutorial on how to wash your teeth most efficiently. Consider flossing, since it can help you get rid of food leftovers that could otherwise cause a problem. Finally, there are some foods you might want to consider avoiding as well, such as oranges, lemons and dried fruits. As you’ve probably already noticed, citrus and sweetness tend to be bad for your teeth in general.

Getting a proper rest

Everyone could benefit from a good night’s sleep, office and construction site workers alike. Sleep deprivation is bound to make you less careful, less focused and much less efficient, both physically and mentally. This is why you need to have a clearly set sleeping regimen. It’s a widely-known fact that an afternoon nap cannot be a substitute for a regular night-time sleep, seeing how humans are programmed to sleep best once the night falls. Most scientists agree that the best time to go to bed is somewhere between 10pm and 11pm.


Another thing you need to keep in mind is that all of these things, although not too difficult to understand, are not as simple to stick to as that would require you to completely change your lifestyle. Still, keep in mind that your health is more than worth it.

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