Has your beard care product been safety assessed?

Today everything has to be assessed for safety, from your car to your shampoo and it is to make sure that the products we buy are safe. This also applies to Beard care and the oils, balms, soaps etc have to be tested and approved just like everything else.

Making a beard oil involves choosing the carrier oils and then the essential oils or in the case of some a fragrance oil. As with everything in life you can use a cheap product or a quality product and sadly many companies use the cheaper and this shows in the quality but also many oils, mainly the essential oils but especially the fragrance oils contain allergens.

Cosmetic Products Regulation EC 1223/2009 requires a detailed safety assessment ‘CPSR’ for products to be marketed within the EU!

On a few occassions I have received a product that claims to contain essential oils but the truth was that it was fragrance oils and something as simple as that could be an issue. With an assessed product you know that what they say is in the product is correct.

It may be that 10,000 people have used an unassessed product and have been okay but it could be the 1 in 100,000 that has a reaction!

Don’t risk it!

Dave Green who owns Mariner Jack said this about the products;

A simple mistake like too much essential oil can really screw someone over, cause burns, breathing issues etc. Yes it really is that serious, people don’t realise how potent some essential oils and other ingredients can be.

So that is how important the assessments and getting the products approved is!

So how do you know if the product you are using is properly approved?

Beard Care labels
  • The ruling means to be approved your labels must also comply to certain rules, this includes things like
  • A full list of ingredients in the Latin form and the allergens.
  • A shelf life or period after opening
  • Full details of the company including address

So have a look at the oil, balm or whatever and quickly check those things!

You also have the right to ask the brand about having a CPSR, if they refuse well there is your answer. However I am sure that if they have the approval they will be more than happy to show you, after all these tests take many weeks and are hard earnt and costly.

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