Has your beard care product been safety assessed?

Today everything has to be assessed for safety, from your car to your shampoo and it is to make sure that the products we buy are safe. This also applies to Beard care and the oils, balms, soaps etc have to be tested and approved just like everything else.

Making a beard oil involves choosing the carrier oils and then the essential oils or in the case of some a fragrance oil. As with everything in life you can use a cheap product or a quality product and sadly many companies use the cheaper and this shows in the quality but also many oils, mainly the essential oils but especially the fragrance oils contain allergens.

Cosmetic Products Regulation EC 1223/2009 requires a detailed safety assessment ‘CPSR’ for products to be marketed within the EU!

On a few occassions I have received a product that claims to contain essential oils but the truth was that it was fragrance oils and something as simple as that could be an issue. With an assessed product you know that what they say is in the product is correct.

It may be that 10,000 people have used an unassessed product and have been okay but it could be the 1 in 100,000 that has a reaction!

Don’t risk it!

Dave Green who owns Mariner Jack said this about the products;

A simple mistake like too much essential oil can really screw someone over, cause burns, breathing issues etc. Yes it really is that serious, people don’t realise how potent some essential oils and other ingredients can be.

So that is how important the assessments and getting the products approved is!

So how do you know if the product you are using is properly approved?

Beard Care labels
  • The ruling means to be approved your labels must also comply to certain rules, this includes things like
  • A full list of ingredients in the Latin form and the allergens.
  • A shelf life or period after opening
  • Full details of the company including address

So have a look at the oil, balm or whatever and quickly check those things!

You also have the right to ask the brand about having a CPSR, if they refuse well there is your answer. However I am sure that if they have the approval they will be more than happy to show you, after all these tests take many weeks and are hard earnt and costly.

So I have decided to create a database of the brands that are approved, the ones that makes sure they are playing by the rules and their products are indeed safe.

I received this from John at Seven Potions

I saw that you posted something about assessments of products. This is actually great and I’d like to ask you to include additional information in your database. Here are my thoughts.

First of all, all cosmetics manufacturers need to have all the necessary information on the product packaging. Moreover, the products need to have a valid MSDS (material safety data sheet) that is issued by an inspection service where the products are manufactured. Another very important thing is that the cosmetic products produced in the European Union, need to be registered with the European Commission’s cosmetics database. If a product isn’t registered, it’s automatically illegal to be sold in the EU. Last but certainly not least, products that contain essential oils need to be produced by people who know what they’re doing. Essential oils are very aggressive and if someone has a high percentage of essentials oils in, let’s say, beard oil, this can cause serious skin related problems.

I think what you’re trying to do is amazing and help consumers understand what they’re investing in. Manufacturers like our company have quality and safety assessments which are also increasing our costs and this has to somehow justified. The consumer needs to understand that buying cheap products, isn’t always such good idea. Especially beard oils that contain high quality carriers oils and cost below £7, they can’t make any profit if they adhere to cosmetics regulations and pay their taxes. This has to somehow reach the customer’s eyes/ears and blogs like yours can help towards that direction

So here is the list!

Obviously this list is from those I have contacted so far and so a brand not being listed could still be properly approved. I have so far just contacted the brands I have reviewed to start with.

I have been asked many times to list unassessed brands or brands who choose to ignore the messages and so brands in RED means  I know they are not assessed or they have ignored my messages.

My experience is that assessed brands are always very keen to show me the CPSR as they have spent a lot of money, time and effort getting the CPSR.

Please note that custom one off scents are not assessed as it is not possible to do, the bottles and tins will also not be labelled correctly. You have no way of knowing if essential oils and fragrance oils have been used within the proper ratios for safety!

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