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Guardians of the Beard Facebook Group

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Guardians of the Beard

Back in early 2016 I set up the Guardians of the Beard Facebook Group.

I set it up to be a group where guys could freely discuss beard care brands and products and give and get advice on beard care.

It is now in my opinion a great group, close to 1900 members and I have got to know some amazing guys from all over the world and the humour always makes me smile even on rough days!

Now yes we are bearded, although we have many lady Guardians as well but it doesn’t have that macho feel to it, that is because I have encouraged the guys to speak out if they need help, mental health effects more people than you would ever imagine and my opinion is that it should not be something to be ashamed of.

So if you are looking for a beard group where you can get or give advice on beards and beard care, have a laugh and meet some great people, then come and join us.

Guardians of the Beard
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Welcome to Guardians of the Beard group, a close knit group where guys can discuss beards and beard care but also have a laugh, in fact it’s the humou…

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And of course I am testing and reviewing beard products constantly and I give some of those away after testing them!

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