I like reviewing products that I haven’t reviewed before and that is certainly the case for the Guardian G1 Stab Resistant/Proof Vest.

I have reviewed for GuardianG1 previously for their G1 and D5 Mini body worn cameras and so I know the company is solid.

Guardian G1 Stab Resistant/Proof Vest

It is a very sad fact that knife crime is no longer an occasional incident, it happens so much that someone dying from a knife attack is no longer the massive news that it once was and that is just people dying, people are getting injured daily.

And so if you work in the Security Sector, you are very much at risk from being attacked by someone who is carrying a knife and won’t have any doubts about using it.

In fact I think you are more at risk than the Police, they have the means to defend themselves with an extendable baton and CS spray and some have Taser. So people may think twice before messing with them.

I always thought a stab vest or rather the Guardian G1 Stab Resistant/Proof Vest would be a very pricey item and so I was surprised to see that the GuardianG1 vest sells for £89.99 with free next day Prime delivery.

Now that doesn’t mean that this vest is inferior, in fact it is far from that and the vest contains 27 100mm (H)x  50mm Length x 0.6mm overlapping  tungsten steel plates front and back of the vest.

These plates can handle a massive 253KG of force and as you can see in the video from GuardianG1 that I have embedded above it can take a lot of force and still only suffer minor denting to these plates.

Another bonus of these overlapping plates is that the linked plates have some flex when they are joined together and so the vest can slightly flex and this helps when wearing it.

The vest weighs a mere 2.7kg and it says that it fits a medium to 2xl and so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to try it on as I wear a 3xl Tee, but thanks to the two Velcro straps for the shoulders and two that fasten it around your middle, it fitted without any problems.

Guardian G1 Stab Resistant/Proof Vest side view

The outer material is made from strong Oxford cloth and can be wiped down and it has a front and rear flat pocket with a Velcro flap that has security written on it and these pockets could if required hold a thin ceramic anti ballistic plate.

Why take the chance and work without protection from knife crime?

Yes you are still at risk from being stabbed elsewhere but it offers protection for your core protecting your heart, lungs, Liver, Kidneys and intestines.

I think £89.99 is an amazing price and a bargain for piece of mind not only for yourself but also for your family knowing you are protected!

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