Well what can I say about 2016? Goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017!

Winter is always a rough time and I know that many other people with arthritis related problems know that only too well.

I get by telling myself that as soon as the weather warms up, I will be in less pain and more active. The problem is that in spring 2016 I didn’t bounce back, in fact I left the house less than 15 times in 2016 and most of that was medical appointments!

I pursued the request of an above the knee amputation and despite letters begging, letters demanding and complaints that they were just leaving me in this situation, they still refused and I shook Mr Greer’s hand and said I would not ask any more.

2016 wasn’t a total loss, my father died in 1996 and I knew that I had two younger half sisters and I have spent 20 years writing letters and then deciding not to send them. Last year I did finally send a letter to the eldest, she was the only one I had an address for.

One Sunday afternoon the phone rang and a woman said “Hi, I’m Sarah and I am your sister”. We have met many times and I have met her husband and her daughter and it feels like we have always known each other! Sarah is the youngest and at this moment her sister doesn’t want to meet me, I guess its very weird and I fully understand.

So 2017, the year I turn 50 and I am feeling very nervous about the year ahead. I am really dreading the thought of another whole year stuck indoors and slowly getting worse. However we have no choice but to keep going, just doing each day as it comes. It is tiring, it feels like you are on a treadmill and you can’t get off and you wonder how you manage to keep going, but you do!

Spoonie life as its known is hard, but we keep going because of the loved ones around us. My wife, my daughters and my grandson, then of course I have a granddaughter who is almost ready to be born and so I keep going for them, not me.

So come on 2017, let’s do  this!


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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