I have been getting very worried about my health lately, last winter my health dipped massively and the usual recovery in summer hasn’t happened. I used to be able to push a fair distance in my wheelchair even though I paid for it the next few days, but now I push to the chemist which is about 100 metres from our house or push to the end of our garden and I feel so so unwell.

I also get overheated when I mentally exert, I sold some bits on eBay and bought a cheap Chinese arduino starter’s kit and half hour of putting together a circuit and copying the code leaves me feeling so hot and brain fog sets in and its worrying me.

In the last year three very good friends have died, one was 47, one was 45 and the other 50 years old and so its given me a fright. The hospital care I get is very poor, I’m basically just left and reviewed yearly, there is no physio or OT help and so I have decided that I must make a decent push to see if I can even get back to how I was two years ago. I have a bike attachment for my wheelchair and I would love to get out using it but in my current state I would most probably end up collapsing and so I decided that the best way to start would be using the Wii.


I started yesterday with a best of 5 tennis and some boxing, I can easily play the Wii whilst sat in my wheelchair (which is good because standing isn’t an option). Today I played three round of best of 5 tennis, nine holes of golf, table tennis and some baseball, this left me feeling like my head had been boiled and my brain went into safe mode.

Hopefully I can build up some stamina and get myself to a point where I can go out for the day with my family, I did initially start out fighting against the pain and fatigue but over the past couple of years I have sort of given in and I hadn’t realised. Obviously I’m never going to be free of pain and rid of the ME but I need to lose some weight and get back outside, I have had enough of being stuck at home.
Obviously I realise that this might not work, I might just make myself feel worse but I need to at least give it a try, I will be happy if I can get to where I can go to town with my wife or just out for a push.

So here goes.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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