I recently got a second controller for the Nintendo Switch, it is the Gamory Wireless Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch that is currently on a deal on Amazon.

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Whilst this controller works very well, there is an issue that I will explain later in the post!

It costs £21.99 on Amazon with Free next day delivery on Prime but is currently on a deal with a 30% off check box making it £15.39 and that is a bargain as the offical Pro Controllers are a lot more than that.

Gamory Wireless Pro Controller comes with a short lead that will charge the controller but not long enough for play but the controller is wireless.

I struggled to connect the controller wirelessly and I ended upo plugging it in via the lead and the console instantly recognised it.

Nintendo Switch Controllers

It is very nice to hold and the layout feels more natural than the joycons positioning of the sticks that I find flare this poor old boys arthritic thumbs up.

It features a Turbo button that sits inbetween the Left D Pad and the Right Stick that will work as a continuous trigger.

It houses a 600mAh polymer lithium battery that will give 6-8 hours play on a full charge.

The ZL and ZR triggers have a very long travel and this makes it ideal for driving games as these are used for acceleration and braking and so will give you a smoother controller.

So far it is everything you could want from a controller ……until!

It has three levels of vibration but this is not the same vibration feedback that you get from the Switch Joy-Cons with their HD Rumble.

Take for example Animal Crossing, the Joy-Cons HD Rumble gives very realistic feedback, knocking on a villagers door results in a very realistic rumble that feels like you are knocking on a door and the same when you hit rocks or chop trees.

Even down to fishing where you feel the fish nibble at the hook and then when you need to hit A to reel it in and the various fish have different feedback where you can almost tell what fish it is before you land it.

The Gamory Wireless Pro Controller is the most very basic of vibration, a knock on the door does not result in a realistic feedback, the motors in the controller just leaps into life like a cheap Ann Summers sex toy!

And so this is where this controller fails in a spectacular style.

The vibration is so bad that it is unuseable and means you would rather switch it off and have no feedback!

So it goes to show how good the Nintendo controllers are and in fact are worth spending the extra money on!!!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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